Ruger's new Charger Takedown Model

Ruger’s new Charger Takedown Model

The GunsAmerica team has the special privilege of getting a personal tour of the new Ruger product line from none other than Mike Fifer, CEO. The original plan was for Mike to pick out his three favorite  guns. Being a good company man, he managed to expand the number to five and a half while we were distracted by all the new stuff. Tricky guy, that Mike.

Ruger LC9s Pro

Ruger SHOT Show 2015-2The new LC9s pistols have a much-improved triggers. I tried one at the show to check out the difference on my own. It’s got about ⅜” travel with a bit of stacking, followed by a crisp break. It’s a major improvement over the original LC9 system in my opinion.

The LC9s Pro offers most of the same features of the striker-fired LC9s introduced last summer but adds two new ones. It’s offered without the thumb-operated external manual safety and magazine disconnect. The relative importance of both features or lack thereof, tend to cause serious debate among serious concealed carriers.

According to Ruger, “The all-new Pro version is designed to meet law enforcement specifications as a back-up gun for high-stress situations when there may not be time to deactivate an external manual safety. The absence of a magazine disconnect safety also is a benefit for tactical reloads that allow the user to engage a target with one round remaining in the chamber and the magazine out of the gun for reloading.

The LC9s Pro models are identical on the outside and use all the same holster and accessories. Capacity is still 7+1.

Ruger American Rifle Ranch Model 300 Blackout

This is a sweet handling rifle at just 34.75-inches overall length. It includes a threaded barrel with cap. It does not include a muzzle brake or flash suppressor – by design. Ruger assumes, correctly I believe, that everyone who buys one of these will put a silencer on it. Adding a flash hider or muzzle brake would simply drive the cost up for a “temporary” part. If you want one, they’re easy to come by.

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