Field Strip [feeld] [strip]

– noun-verb-ish

Gun Word Of The Day

Gun Word Of The Day

1. To clear out or empty; to deprive of clothing; make bare or naked. Derived from middle english terminology meaning to rob or plunder.

2. A rhythmic dance ritual, popularized at Woodstock in August, 1969.

3. Field stripping simply refers to taking your gun partially apart in order to clean it.

Manufacturers design guns so that some of the major assemblies come apart fairly easily in order to make the gun easy to clean and lubricate.

After all, it’s important that a gun be easy to disassemble and reassemble. If it’s hard to put back together after a simple cleaning, then there’s a chance it won’t work right. And manufacturers certainly don’t want to hear about someone’s gun not working right when they really, really needed it. So a simple field stripping procedure is in everyone’s best interest. Certainly yours!