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Blackhawk Leather Check-Six Holster

The Blackhawk Leather Check-Six Holster is versatile and comfortable

We recently did a full holster review on the Blackhawk Leather Check-Six Holster and found it to be amazingly versatile.

  • You can use it as a small of back holster
  • You can use it as a small of kidney holster
  • You can use it as a small of behind the hip holster
  • It has an open top design that’s friendly to guns with large and/or ambidextrous safeties
  • It has a positive screw retention adjustment
  • It’s exceptionally well constructed out of nice leather

Oh, and it’s as comfortable to wear as all get out. That’s good.

We’ve really gotten to like this one. It’s great for carrying a full size gun and becomes even more comfortable and concealable for smaller guns.

Highly recommended.


Available Here Blackhawk Leather Check-Six Gun Holster