Tactical chicks have a great sense of humor.

We’ve met a number of contributors to The Women’s Outdoor News over the past couple of months and learned the hard way that they are as twisted and genuinely silly as we are. Love that.

For Fathers Day, we elected to have a little fun with the ladies from The WON. This resulted in us losing a battle of wits in flaming-ball-of-wreckage fashion. Big surprise there.

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Our Response To The Vicious An Unprovoked Attack By Women’s Outdoor News

Women’s Outdoor News Takes The High Road And Gives Jennifer An AMPLIFI System

As you can see, things got ugly fast. For us.

But all’s well that ends well, and as a result of some egging on by the ladies at The WON, and a most generous donation from Otis Technology, we’re giving away our part of the Fathers Day sweepstakes – an OTIS Technology Elite Cleaning System.

This cleaning kit has it all – the famous and effective OTIS breech-to-bore cleaning equipment and enough gadgets and goodies to clean everything in your safe from .17 HMR to 10 gauge shotguns. It’s even got a kit within a kit for portable field use. You can get the full scoop on the OTIS Elite System features and benefits here. You can read about it at your leisure, but we’ve had the Elite System for years and use nothing else. It’s that good.

If you’ve been keeping up with this banter over ultimate Fathers Day gifts, you know that we agreed to randomly select a winner for the OTIS Elite System from the comments on our two stories linked above. With a little help from Random.org, we selected the following winner…


Randy’s comment incantation of “This would be a nice kit to have, hint, hint random number…” seemed to work just fine with the Random.org voodoo.

Randy did not give his (or her?) last name. Randy did leave an email address however, so Randy, if you are reading this, check your email now!

Congrats to Randy! And enjoy your OTIS Elite System. We’ve certainly gotten our money’s worth out of ours!