crossbreed_SuperTuck_LargeThis holster is my soulmate, but don’t tell my wife. I might even get one bronzed like my old baby shoes.

The large leather backpanel stabilizes your gun, distributes the pressure over a broad area, and provides a large shield between your gun and bare skin. The Kydex sheath is thin which helps with concealment.

The whole mess is incredible adjustable. You can adjust depth and cant. In plain English, that means more or less can be in your pants and you can change the angle at which your gun rides.

Although it’s designed to be tuckable, I am always more confortable with some form of light cover garment as I tend to carry larger guns. I guess I don’t trust people not to see the lump at my belt line and the supporting belt clips.

Highly recommended. A fantastic way to carry a fairly large gun with comfort and stability. Read our complete review.

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