I always knew Robb Allen was a closet astro-physicist…

Sharp as a Marble – BREAKING–Scientific discovery may disprove Planck Time:

Bayard WY – Using recent advances in imaging technology, researchers have claimed that new data indicates measurements of time may exist below the Planck Time. The Planck Length (ℓP) is the scale at which classical ideas about gravity and space-time break down and the distance a photon can travel 1ℓP in a complete vacuum is considered the smallest unit of time that has any meaning.

Research Scientist Ken Uheerme who lead the project said in a prepared statement ‘We have reason to believe, after pouring through recent events and volumes of data, that there exists a span of time shorter than the Planck Time that is clearly measurable and has meaning. Where we used to consider 10-43 seconds as the shortest time span possible, it has come to our attention that the time between a tragic event and the media blaming that event on Sara Palin, Glenn Beck, or the Tea Party is considerably shorter… [More]