The Crimson Trace Tactical Laser Show Team In Action

The Crimson Trace Tactical Laser Show Team In Action

Wilsonville, OR – Crimson Trace Corporation, manufacturer of Lasergrips® and Laserguard® laser-sighting systems today announced a major expansion into the emerging tactical laser show market.

Aimed at leveraging the company’s deep experience with cool lasery-lighty things, the move is expected to provide revenue opportunities beyond the saturated personal defense laser sight market segment. The company admits that new product line inspiration sometimes comes from unlikely sources. “I was watching TV late one night and saw a rockumentary on KISS then that old movie TRON” observed Crimson Trace CEO Ben Cartwright. “Then it came to me – why not start a synchronized tactical laser team? That would be awesome! Lasers, SWAT guys, Segways, loud music , gunfire – the whole works. We’ll probably have to use blanks for ammo though.”

The company intends to compete in the growing market for professionally produced laser shows. Primary market segments include rock concerts, company meeting celebrations, holiday celebrations and Bar Mitzvah’s.

“We’ve got all sorts of ideas for tactical laser show revenue” stated Don Draper, Vice President of Marketing for Crimson Trace. “Going into the birthday and Bar Mitzvah market will obviously be huge, and most of the established laser show players are not there, but we’re also looking at innovating things like doing The Bachelor Season 9 Finale. If all goes we ought to be able to sign a couple of clubs that the Jersey Shore kids frequent.”

The company also anticipates a great community service opportunity with the new offering. SWAT teams across the country, impacted by shrinking budgets, can be quickly trained to offer tactical laser shows to earn a little extra revenue. “A few hours in the courthouse parking lot with the local SWAT team and we’ve got a well-oiled synchronized tactical laser team” bragged Draper.