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“Monday, November 15, 2010 The coming Apocalypse I love zombie movies.

Whether it’s the concept of so many oxygen thieves wiped away from the population, the idea of a world where guns are not an optional accessory or frowned upon, or the idea that twinkies are indeed a holy grail to be sought out, I dig the idea of a zombie apocalypse.

What I don’t like, are the obvious flaws in thought in every movie.

1. People in comas generally WON’T wake up without medical care. No one adds water to the feeding tube, in about 3 days you’re dead. Not to mention that since outbreaks would spread rapidly in hospitals (since they don’t take prophylaxis against the zombie virus) your are laying undefended and helpless in bed–a veritable buffet for the walking dead. Also, waking up 28 days later means either waking up in a pile of your own poo, or waking up with a colostomy bag the size of a hefty bag. In the case of the…”

Hat tip: Say Uncle