Every now and then you just have to insert a shameless plug for something you found that’s just plain good. About a year ago, while driving from Tampa to Charleston, I stumbled on a radio talk show called “Gun Talk.” I was a little shocked for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve become numb to the constant barrage of garbage from the mainstream media when it comes to anything related to self defense, guns, shooting, hunting, and even that long lost thing called personal accountability. Hearing a show on the RADIO that was all about guns was quite a surprise to say the least.

After listening for about a half hour, I realized I had stumbled on something even more unexpected. I was listening to a talk radio show with no yelling, no shout-downs, no hang ups, no heated arguments, and most important – a strong and consistent undertone of respect. Imagine that. Kids were even calling in with questions and comments!

Anyway, I have to plug Tom Gresham’s show Guntalk – it’s a joy to listen to and a great indicator of what My Gun Culture is all about. Give it a try. Sundays 2-5pm Eastern or on the web at www.guntalk.com. You can also subscribe to the podcast if you’re so inclined.

Thanks for a great show Tom!