Editors Note: We’re pleased to welcome a new ‘riter to the My Gun Culture project – Mary Katherine. I’ve been shooting with Mary Katherine and her family on and off for years. She’ll be offering some women’s perspective on things like guns, gear, concealed carry and more. By the way, she shoots a Beretta PX4, Smith & Wesson Shield and Marlin 30-30 – just in case you were wondering.

Looking for stocking stuffers to give to the firearms enthusiast in your life? Feast your eyes upon these amazing, handmade finds from small online business owners in America.

Chocolate pistols

Does he have a sweet tooth? You choose the flavor of chocolate and this shop will send you one dozen of these delicious treats!


Expanded View Smartphone Case

Take a look at this neat case. Customize the color and type for the perfect fit!


Rubber Band Gun

What a great gift for any kid, young or old! Have their name engraved on the side for a personal touch. Three designs available!


Shotgun Shell Letter Opener

This is a great addition to the office of any gun lover. Have their name engraved or give as is.


Tie Tack and Lapel Pin

Wearing a tie isn’t always fun, but you can make it enjoyable with this tie tack. It also comes with a lapel pin back for versatile gift he is sure to enjoy!


Full Size Handgun Soap

Who doesn’t want a bar of soap that comes in its own gun case?

handgun soap

Bullet Bottle Opener

Every man needs a 50 caliber bottle opener in his kitchen drawer. Have it engraved to really wow him…

bullet bottle opener

Printed Pistol Tie

Help him dress up with this classy tie. It is also available as a bowtie!

pistol tie

Bolt Action Pen

A bolt action pen is a must have for the office…

bolt action pen

Macbook Decal

Blow him away with some awesome decals for his Macbook!

macbook decal

Fishing Lures

If he loves hunting and fishing, he is going to love one of these!

fishing lures

Marksman Cufflinks

If you are looking for a simple and understated gift, then these cufflinks are perfect!


Wild West Flask

You can never go wrong with a fancy flask.

wild west flask

Personal Keychain Pistol

Personalize this unique keychain bottle opener for a special little reminder…

personal keychain pistol

Shotgun Money Clip

Last, but not least, this sleek money clip is the perfect option for a simple, but stylish gift.

shotgun money clip