Lost when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the markswoman on your shopping list? Take a look at these 15 handmade items she will love from small online businesses in America.

1. Vintage Inspired Wallet

She will love this metal wallet with a vintage look. It is small enough for her pockets or she can put it in her purse!

2. Crystal Casing Pendant

This classy necklace is an understated reminder of what she enjoys. Be sure to pick out her favorite color!


3. Purse Holster

Choose one of these vibrant holsters she will love to use in her purse!


4. Leggings

These leggings are sure to bring a smile to her face and make a bold statement whenever she wears them!


5. Hair Comb

This hair comb glistens enough to please any girly-girl, but it hints at her tough side too!

hair comb

6. Earrings

Hit the target with these stylish and sophisticated earrings she will adore!


7. Scarf

Help her show off her inner cowgirl with this scarf. You can pick the color for a personal touch!


8. Concealed Carry Band

This concealed carry band fits around her hips or against the small of her back comfortably. She will really appreciate the beauty of the fabric too! Lots of color options are available in the online store.

ccw band

9. Ring

She will love how simple and sleek this ring looks on her finger!


10. Annie Oakley Journal

Here is a fun and useful gift she will enjoy writing in…

annie oakly journal

11. Holster Sleeve

A leather holster sleeve is the perfect way to store a firearm in the pocket of her purse.

holster sleeve

12. Vintage Belt Buckle

This vintage buckle has added bling so she can show off her fashion sense and her favorite sport!

belt buckle

13. Bracelet

This bracelet is charming with a beautiful shine. Pick out the color she loves best to make it personal!


14. Printed T-Shirt

This shirt is a nice addition to the closet of any markswoman!

t shirt

15. Hair Accessory

Last but not least, give her a simple hair accessory she will love to wear on or off the range!

hair accessory