Top 10 reasons I want to be on Top Shot

  1. Top Shot logoI want to prove to all the pantywaists that armed people can in fact have disagreements without gunfire breaking out. Then again, not many pantywaists watch the History Channel
  2. I’m not mentioning any names, Adam, but I can make a point without repeating ‘rat fink’ 94 times.
  3. I wouldn’t miss the nomination target like others whose name I won’t mention. Adam.
  4. I always wanted to shoot a slingshot with a night-vision scope.
  5. It would be interesting to see how many internet commandos would find reasons to flame me – just because.
  6. Colby can give me some insider tips about how to get on Survivor.
  7. I haven’t had a good excuse to shoot my blunderbuss for a while.
  8. I want to write “Wendy, I’m home!” on the pool table with playing cards just to see who freaks out.
  9. I bet they eat yummy steaks in that ranch house every night.
  10. I could almost afford a real ACOG scope with the hundred grand prize money.


  1. druid says

    Ha ha ha ha! Yeah, some of those guys were pretty wussy and major jerks, if you ask me. I would rather have seen Tara finish it out.

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