The UN Small Arms Treaty Exposed on Facebook

Our tenacious reporters have recently uncovered the following conversation on Facebook. Finally, the truth revealed…

The UN Small Arms Treaty - The Real Truth

The UN Small Arms Treaty - The Real Truth


  1. NevadaSteve says:

    Great stuff. I came over from a link at Arms and the Law. I will definitely come by now and again for a visit. Loved the Rodent Chronicles, I’ve had my own run ins with the disgusting vermin, but I went all Lucretia Borgia on them with some poison.

    • Glad you enjoyed Steve! I fully concede the point that poison is more effective and cheaper and easier and probably smarter, but you have to admit using poison does not allow you to practice your quick draw with a Ruger Single Six! is one allowed to feel like The man with no name from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly while hunting rodents?

  2. NevadaSteve says:

    I live inside the city limits so my options were limited. I do remember as a kid going out to the town dump (are there town dumps anymore?) and shooting rats and other varmits there. I’d buy a brick of 22s and shoot like there was no tomorrow. I got my first gun, a Marlin Model 60, mail order from a Sears catalog. (Yeah, I’m an old fart!)

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