The LabRadar Radar Chronograph

The Labradar Chronograph

The Labradar Chronograph

Are optical chronographs dead?

One of the mind-blowing new products seen today at SHOT Show 2014 was the LabRadar Chronograph. This unit uses radar, not optics, to measure the speed of a bullet leaving the barrel. Not only that, it continues to measure velocity as the bullet travels down range – out to about 100 yards. So you’ll know muzzle velocity, velocity 25 yards down range, 50 yards and 100 yards.

The best part is that it doesn’t care about light conditions or the “shininess” of your bullet. You’ll get accurate readings no matter what. As I recall, the unit pulses 4,000 times per second to track velocity.

And you don’t have to worry about shooting it. Just set the LabRadar on the shooting bench BEHIND your muzzle and aim it at your target down range. Upon sound of the shot, the LabRadar starts to track your projectile as it flies. It knows when and where yours will be traveling, so you don’t need to worry about the person in the lane next to you.

Did I mention it’s bluetooth enabled? So bring an iPad and watch the results get recorded on your tablet. Neat-o.

It will be generally available in the April / May timeframe for a price somewhere around $500.

Wow. Love this.

Note the downrange velocities shown.

Note the downrange velocities shown.


  1. John Isbell says

    If its sound activated the bullet would be down field before the sound would activate the radar.Sound is much slower than a bullet.I wonder how it would work?

    • Noylj says

      The unit is right next to you and your bullets are only traveling what–Mach 2 or 3
      If the unit is three feet away, the bullet at Mach three will only be about 9 feet away. Your normal Chrony is 10-15 feet away.

  2. Johnny says

    Over a year late and still not in production. They didn’t even demo it at Shot Show 2015, very underwhelming presentation.

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