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    Everyone interested in giving credit where credit is due, thank David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh of the Alabama Militia; who were the original source of the story. They received the leaks from the ATF agents who could not turn a blind eye to the criminal actions of their supervisors and the Administration. Codrea & Vanderboegh persisted in reporting on the revelations as they unfolded, bringing public pressure to bear on Congress to investigate. You can read the latest from David Codrea about the Fast & Furious gunwalking scandal at examiner[.]com/article/blogger-vanderboegh-reports-gunwalker-link-to-obama-s-tough-guy-advisor
    Vanderboegh’s blog: sipseystreetirregulars[.]blogspot[.]com/

    Their efforts to expose the Fast & Furious ‘gun-walking’ scandal eventually led to the additional bombshell revelation that the DEA was directly laundering drug money for the cartels.

    This administration is more than just corrupt, we are now under a total gangster government. How bad is it? You decide for yourself. But when (not if) it gets worse, that’s when that 2nd Amendment’s gonna come in handy… Because it’s not about duck hunting, it’s about tyrant hunting. When open season starts depends on how many Americans continue to delude themselves with “it can’t happen here” and “our government would NEVER lie to us, would they?”

    Yet these same people forget that we rounded up some of our own citizens 70 years ago, put them into concentration camps, and held them there under armed guard. Those that broke down mentally and tried to escape were shot & killed on sight. Yet, German POW’s on US soil were allowed to attend local cinemas nearby towns, without an escort from their camps. After the war, the US Supreme Court took a big s#!t on the Constitution (Korematsu v. United States) and said “It’s O.K. for the government to round up citizens en masse and put them in concentration camps, without trial, due process, or regard for other fundamental Rights, just as long as the government has a half-@$$ed excuse for doing so”.

    I only mention this because I REALLY don’t trust any of these people in DC, Demonrat or Republican’t. They’re opposite wings of the same party: the ‘Boot On Your Neck’ Party!

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