Gun Word of the Day: Dry Fire


Dry Fire [drahy] [fahyuhr] – verb-ish 1. The act of going through the complete sequence of events to fire a gun, but without use of ammunition. Dry fire is a practice technique where the gun is cocked, aimed at a safe practice target and backstop, and trigger pulled. The guns striker or hammer falls on an […]

Gun Word of the Day: Field Strip

Gun Word Of The Day

Field Strip [feeld] [strip] – noun-verb-ish 1. To clear out or empty; to deprive of clothing; make bare or naked. Derived from middle english terminology meaning to rob or plunder. 2. A rhythmic dance ritual, popularized at Woodstock in August, 1969. 3. Field stripping simply refers to taking your gun partially apart in order to clean […]

Gun Word of the Day: Mirandarbation


Mirandarbation [mi-ran–dar-bey-shuhn] – noun 1. The process of one reading himself legal rights upon self-imposed arrest and detainment. 2. In the event that high ranking law enforcement officers find themselves in the sensitive situation of having to impose justice on themselves, say for example, in cases of Contempt of Congress, Mirandarbation describes the act of […]

Gun Word of the Day: Rack

Gun Word Of The Day

Rack [rak] – verb 1. To cycle the slide of a semi-automatic gun. Usually refers to the procedure of operating a handgun where complete cycling of the slide ejects an empty cartridge case (if present) from the chamber, while moving a new cartridge from the magazine into the chamber. This action basically clears the chamber […]

Gun Word of the Day: Caliber

Gun Word Of The Day

Caliber [kal-uh-ber] – noun 1. The interior diameter of the bore of a gun barrel, usually measured in inches or millimeters. A gun barrel with an interior diameter of .357 inches in diameter is technically .357 caliber. Caliber measures the diameter of the bullet and has nothing to do with length or weight of the […]