Top 10 Shooting Products from NSSF SHOT Show 2013

Doing a Top 10 list for SHOT Show is ridiculous. Kind of like trying to fit all the amazing things that have spilled out of Joe Biden’s mouth into a single leather-bound book. It simply can’t be done.

But as you probably already know, we’re kind of ridiculous around here, so we’re going to highlight our Top 10 shooting gear finds of SHOT Show 2013.

Here goes:

 Trijicon 300 AAC Blackout ACOG
Trijicon 300 AAC Blackout ACOG Optic. This is cool, cool, cool. We’ve a got a 300 Blackout rifle coming in for testing and can’t wait to spend more time with this optic. We shot it at the Media Day event and loved our first experience. The neat thing about this optic is the graduated reticle. It’s got normal elevation hashmarks calibrated for supersonic 300 AAC Blackout loads out to 600 yards. It also has indicators for subsonic rounds. Just zero the optic with supersonic ammo and everything falls into place. You’ll also notice the scope is slimmer than standard ACOG’s.
 Kestrel Meter 4500 Ballistic Bluetooth Nightvision Kestrel Meter with Horus ATRAG Ballistics Software. This is one cool device. You may be familiar with Kestrel’s pocket weather meters that provide instant data on humidity, temperature, wind, etc. This one adds a full ballistic computer to the mix. You can store multiple gun and load configurations with bullet type, ballistic coefficient, weight, and velocity. This information is combined with automatically collected atmospheric data to calculate a perfect long-range shooting solution. A new model is coming out soon with even more advanced ballistic software and load storage capabilities. Technology is cool.
 Black Rain Ordnance AK-47 Black Rain Ordnance AK-47. What’s the big deal about another AK-47? Look closely at the photo. This baby is a MILLED receiver, not a piece of metal stamped out like a Yugo fender. If memory serves, it’s going to be called the Freedom Fighter when it’s available in a couple of months. Oh, and we found out that one of Black Rain’s Pro Shooters, Sandra Orvig, lives virtually across the street from us. You’ll know a couple of other Black Rain Pro Shooters from Top Shot – the always energetic Gabby Franco and really huge guy Greg Littlejohn. This gun shot like a dream. Solid, heavy, and gentle. Fun!
 Tracking Point Laser Targeting System Tracking Point Networked Tracking Scope. Why yes, that is a laser targeting system on my .338 Lapua Magnum! I have no long-range shooting skill. Mainly because there’s no place nearby with a long-range facility. So when that crazy guy from Tracking Point asked me if I wanted to shoot a .338 Lapua Magnum at a steel gong 967 yards away in a freezing, howling wind, I thought he was a little nuts. With the Tracking Point, you simply lase the target with a red dot on the reticle using a button near the trigger. The system already knows your load ballistics and gathers atmospheric conditions for trajectory calculation. Once the target is lased, you can move the rifle around in an moderate-sized zone around the target center. Just press and hold the trigger and try to cover the laser indicator again. When your scope passes over the exact spot, the rifle fires automatically – you don’t have to hold on the target, just pass over it. A secondary benefit is there is no trigger flinch. You don’t know exactly when the gun will fire. And yes, I did hit the steel gong ⅔ of a mile out there on the first try. Through no fault of my own.
 NSSF First Shots Reception SHOT Show 2013 Crazy Fun People. Ok, so this isn’t actually a product, but most of our shooting industry friends are more or less products of insanity. That’s what makes the people so great and all of this so much fun. Here’s a photo from the First Shots reception, run by the NSSF’s always entertaining Tisma Juett. She’s coordinating First Shots events all across the country and getting thousands and thousands of people introduced to the shooting sports. You might recognize some of those wild and crazy huntresses from The Women’s Outdoor News, Stephanie from XS Sights, Kelle – the better half of Hot Caliber Jewelry, Team Archangel – tactical trainers extraordinaire, and @GlamGunGirl.
 Flashbang Eva Holster and others in the Pin Up Collection women's holsters Flashbang Eva Women’s Holster. A number of companies that are more dude-oriented are making hybrid holsters like the Galco King Tuk and CrossBreed. Lisa and Bart Looper have some up with a model just for the female form. The Eva has an exceptionally well made leather backing, gun-specific kydex shell, and best of all, a colorful suede backing. Fun and functional!
 Blackhawk AR Rail Thumb Shelf Blackhawk! Rail Mount Thumb Rest. Sometimes the simplest products are the most valuable. This is a nifty accessory for virtually any rifle with a forward side rail. The thumb shelf helps you achieve a perfectly consistent and firm grip with your support hand every time. Reversing it creates two different thumb shelf heights. A lower position is great for rifles with a vertical fore grip. The upper position is better if you don’t use one. You have to try it to believe the difference it makes.
 US Optics SR8 Rifle Scope U.S. Optics SR8. This is one gorgeous optic. It’s obviously built like a tank. It offers 1-8x zoom with a true 1X so at closer ranges it works like a red dot. It features two different ranging reticle options which are in the first focal plane so ranging is not affected by zoom level. It also offers a red dot in the second focal plane which can be turned on or off. The red dot features variable intensity controls. Or you can get a not-red dot as the optic is orderable with your choice of red, green or blue illumination. Can’t wait to spend some quality time with this one.
 SilencerCo Saker 5.56mm silencer SilencerCo 5.56mm Saker. This dedicated 5.56 / .223 silencer was just downright fun to shoot. Less blast, less noise, accurate, and light. What’s not to love? The neatest part of the Saker design is the MAAD, or Multiple Accessory Attachment Device. This simply means that the attachment mechanism is not proprietary. Which means you can mount this over other vendors flash hiders. The end cap is removable, so if you manage to blow the end off, you can simply replace the end cap and there is far less risk of damage to your suppressor.
 Slidefire 22 Stock Slidefire .22LR Stock System. Here’s a great way to clean out your local Wal-Mart’s supply of bulk .22LR ammunition. Last year, SlideFire introduced bump-fire stocks for AR-15 and AK-47 semi-automatic rifles. This year, they’ve managed to get the system to work on certain .22 rifles. Available soonish is a trigger set for the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22. The stock is the basic AR-15 stock. The lighter trigger set is required to make the SlideFire system work with the reduced recoil impulse of .22 ammunition. Soon, SlideFire will introduce a solution for the Ruger 10/22 platform. We shot the M&P 15-22 system at Media Day and it was a hoot! And affordable :-) Get one.

Free Holsters! And Our “High Road” Response To A Vicious Attack By Women’s Outdoor News

Mmm. Yet another vicious and completely unprovoked attack by the Tacti-Chix over at Women’s Outdoor News

And, as before, here we are, innocently minding our own business, eating Cheetos and butter while watching Project Ultimate Monster Truck. Harming no one, except maybe Eric Holder for his role in Fast and Furious. After all we’re a community pillar of class and tasteful refinement, excepting that unfortunate Whoopee Cushion incident in church the other day.

Pretty Dangerous Accessories Holsters

Pretty Dangerous Accessories Holsters

Apparently the girls at @TeamWON have been watching too many political ads and the lies, half-truths, and distortions have tainted their judgement. In their recent open letter, they clearly accuse us, yes US, of neglecting women with our fetish coverage of holsters.

Yes, we recently finished a free PDF version of our Insanely Practical Holster Guide. And in that, we did in fact cover some women’s holsters. I am quite certain we mentioned Lisa Looper’s Flashbang bra holster. And Lisa Looper is a woman. And the Flashbang is for women only. And of course some special men with a little extra up top.

OK, so our initial coverage may have little light for the Y chromosome types.

But, in fairness to us, the Insanely Practical Holster Guide was just an introductory teaser to our full length book, due out on, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes by December 1, 2012.

In our full length Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters, we cover lots and lots of women’s holsters. In fact, we’ve got a whole chapter devoted to holsters for women only. And of course, the other chapters feature many unisex holsters – those equally appropriate for members of all seven sexes.

We’re glad that all y’all ladies over there called out this issue by giving away a Blackhawk Level 2 Serpa Tactical Thigh Holster rig. We gotta hand it to you – that’s some pretty awesome gear for an active lady. We’re actually in the end stages of finishing up a review on a waist mounted Serpa setup and it’s pretty awesome. Rock solid.

Blackhawk United Kingdom Special Forces fixed blade knife

Another must have accessory for the tactical girl – the Blackhawk United Kingdom Special Forces Knife.

And one of our genuine female editors, who also happens to be my daughter, has been Jonesing for a Blackhawk United Kingdom Special Forces fixed blade knife. Yes, I trained her well thank you very much.

While we totally respect your choice of the Blackhawk Thigh Rig as an ultimate ladies holster contender, we think you’ll have to agree that the well equipped woman will also need something a little dressier for evening events – like some light 7 figure gambling at the Monte Carlo Casino. While the thigh rig would be effective, it definitely does not go with silk, pearls and those really cool rectangular Baccarat chips.

So we’re going to recommend something with function and pizazz – the Pretty Dangerous Accessories holster. It fits a variety of guns, can be carried in a variety of ways, and comes in really sexy styles. Like hair-on cowhide, red crocodile, purple ostrich, and black lizard. We just completed a more detailed review here.

Just as a teaser, and to show that we’re not women ignorers, we’re going to host our own free holster giveaway extravaganza. With a little help from Pretty Dangerous Accessories, who are graciously donating the free holsters.

We’re going to give away not one, but two Pretty Dangerous Accessories holsters.

How to win a free Pretty Dangerous Accessories Holster!

Here’s the easy part. Just leave a comment below. That’s it.

And for your shot at winning a Blackhawk Serpa Tactical Thigh Rig and some gear from Girls With Guns Clothing, just leave a comment on Women’s Outdoor News here.

We’ll both be doing a random drawing on Monday November 4 to pick a bunch of lucky winners!

Now would you Women’s Outdoor News chicks please let me get back to my Cheetos and butter?

The WON / MGC Fathers Day Giveaway

Editors Note: In response to the vicious and unprovoked attack on our manliness and intellect by The Women’s Outdoor News, we would like to offer the following public response.

OK. We know we came to this battle of wits unarmed. But we’re dudes. Is that really a surprise? True to our egotistical and foolhardy nature, we’re going to attempt to get out of this hole by continuing to dig. Works every time, right up to the point where we have to start apologizing.

We have to admit that your Fathers Day gift suggestion –  the Briggs and Stratton AMPLIFI system – is a pretty nifty idea. Especially considering that a bunch of chicks came up with it. Before we encourage all our readers to enter to win a free one by leaving comments at your site, we’ve got a few questions:

  • Is it certified for washing children under the age of 3? Preferably fully clothed?
  • Is there a backpack mounted version? This would make a killer ‘flamethrower’ for paintball.
  • Can you fill it with beer?

Since Women’s Outdoor News and Briggs and Stratton are displaying some Fathers Day generosity, we’ll respond in kind. And we’re not copying your idea because we can’t come up with our own. Really.

But first another lesson about the vacuous simplicity of the male thought process. When we hear the word ‘cleaning’ our brain processes this auditory signal as ‘guns.’ Simple as that. What else could possibly need cleaning? Of course it’s nothing more than common sense that cleaning equates to guns, but if you really need the proof, it’s easily verifiable mathematically.

Gun cleaning pioneer, physicist, and OTIS Technology founder Ben Cartwright discovered the relationship between ‘cleaning’ and ‘guns’ back in 1985. While developing a mathematical model to explain the causation relationship between Lazy-Boy Recliners and beer, he stumbled across the following:


As you can clearly see, when you simplify the equation, carry the one, and round up…


And nothing cleans guns like the OTIS Elite Cleaning System. It’s simple, easy to operate, and includes everything you need in one box. Like beer.

The OTIS Elite System includes everything you need to clean guns ranging from .17 caliber through 10 gauge shotguns. And more.

  • Over 40 firearm-specific cleaning components in a nylon case
  • Six (6) Memory-Flex® Cables of varying length for effective and correct Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning
  • Twenty-three (23) bronze bore brushes remove copper deposits and other fouling
  • Obstruction removal tools for jammed cases and other blockages
  • Specialized precision tools for complete breakdown and fine cleaning of all critical and hard to reach areas of your firearm
  • Optics cleaning gear for care and maintenance of scopes, rangefinders and more
  • Removable Tactical Cleaning System for convenient carrying in the field

We’ve owned the OTIS Elite System for years and love it.

So we’re going to give one away here.

All you have to do to win this system is leave a comment here, or on our “Open Letter to the Women’s Outdoor News” story with ideas for Fathers Day. We’ll use technology to select a lucky winner.

Oh, and don’t forget that our lady friends at Women’s Outdoor News are giving away a Briggs and Stratton AMPLIFI system!

An Open Letter To Women’s Outdoor News…

Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 10.07.42 AMI have the utmost respect for you guys girls over at The WON – Women’s Outdoor News.

All in all, you are confident, capable, resourceful, tactical, camo-sporting women. The marryin’ type for sure.

That said, I need to offer some friendly advice for the upcoming Fathers Day celebration. This is a really, really big deal for us guys.  While you may think you have good ideas for gifts, you are still women girls and may not have the proper understanding of what us guys really value.

So let’s find out if you are really qualified to choose the all-important Fathers Day gifts.  Take a quick pop-quiz to gauge your relative understanding of the under-developed male psyche. Oh, and thanks in advance for your willing cooperation with this process. After all, the goal of finding those perfect Fathers Day gifts is paramount here; a little humility on your part to ensure quality of the process is much appreciated.

True or False? While hunting with your best friend, you notice that a rabid squirrel has lunged at your buddy and firmly clamped its jaws onto his, umm, private man parts. You find this hysterical and, instead of dialing 911, get out your camera phone.

True or False? The Blues Brothers is the greatest movie ever made.

Circle all correct choices: Valentines Day is…
A.  One of those times you are firmly encouraged to sleep on the couch, but you don’t know why.
B.  A major cause of stress and anxiety in your life. What is a Hallmark store?
C.  A great excuse for the little lady to buy you a new shotgun.
D.  Beers out with the boys.

If you aced this test, we’ll drop the issue. But we all know you didn’t, so we’re making an offer to help you with the gift selection process.  Are you really qualified to buy us WOW! Father’s Day gifts?  Do YOU really think YOU know what’s best for US?


EDITORS NOTE: Guys, feel free to add your appropriate dude-driven Fathers Day gift ideas to the comments below. We will be GIVING AWAY A BIG-TIME, GUY-APPROPRIATE FATHERS DAY GIFT to someone who comments below!

Should Turkey Decoys Do The Nasty? These and Other Questions with Barbara Baird of The WON

Barbara Baird - Publisher of The WON

Barbara Baird – Publisher of The WON

I love this job. Although it is, at times, dangerous. Like at the recent NRA Annual Meeting. Minding my own business at a Smith & Wesson / ATK media briefing, I was suddenly accosted by a band of half-crazed gun-outdoor-archer-hunter-shooter-fisher women. And one of the ringleaders was Barbara Baird, publisher of The WON. So I had to arrange an interview. Here it is…

My Gun Culture: Tell us a little about The WON? I thought Neo was the one. Did you also take The Red Pill?

Barbara Baird: I started to answer this while sitting under a tree in full camo, on my iPhone, waiting for a gobbler somewhere in the universe to take notice of my two decoys, a hen and a jake — that were set up in a rather obscene style. As far as Neo … he’s the other one. And, yes, I do take the red pill almost every morning … but I have to present my ID at the pharmacy to get it. Called Sudafed. Otherwise, I’d be a hacking, streaming mess in the grass during turkey season.

MGC: Even YOU have to show ID to buy allergy medicine? What is this world coming to when a woman who runs her own NEWS NETWORK isn’t trusted to buy Sudafed? So what are you hoping to accomplish with Womens Outdoor News?

Barbara: We (because The WON is a team) want to educate, inspire and entertain. We want to be the “go-to” source for news about women in the outdoors, and also, the place that you can trust, the network, that will help you find the right gear and a good, safe event to attend, or a wonderful instructor to search out and learn from. And we also love men and we like it when men come to the site to learn what to buy for the women in their lives! I’ve had men tell me that they actually learn what women want at our site!

MGC: Ummm, Mothers Day is right around the corner you know. Got any ideas for the shooting lady? After all, you ARE one, so I expect some really good advice here…

Barbara: Just remember, “shooting ladies” who also are mothers (and I mean that in a nice way) don’t want to cook on Mother’s Day. And for gifts … I’d visit The WON and check out our many advertisers — from boutique items such as bullet or cartridge jewelry, to swanky range bags to way cool hoodies and apparel to camo for the serious hunter to bringing out the big guns, from Smith & Wesson or Colt.

MGC: If I understand correctly, you used to be part of the mainstream media. Doesn’t that mean you can’t be trusted? How do we know that The WON is not some Homeland Security front organization created solely to infiltrate the outdoors industry? After meeting you at the NRA Annual Meeting, I’m suspicious already.

Barbara: Aw, I’m still part of that media. I write a column for Turkey Country and two columns in THE travel magazine of Missouri — Show Me Missouri! I still think print and layout whenever I post at The WON. Can’t help it, from my wax and paste days as a weekly newspaper editor in a small town called St. James. As far as Homeland Security infiltrating the outdoors, that’s an interesting thought. I believe that Homeland Security could call on our contributors at The WON to kick some major behind, if needed, in the war on terror.

Barbara Baird shooting a cannon

Umm, Barb? Isn’t this too much gun for wild turkey?

MGC: Tell me about it. We interviewed Mia Anstine recently and quickly figured out you don’t want to mess with her. Although she didn’t confess to setting up turkey decoys in, umm, compromising positions. But enough about that. I know you’re an avid huntress, so what’s your favorite wild game meal?

Barbara: Whatever is in season. I even like moose. We practically live off venison, because I’m not very good at fishing. Otherwise, we’d have a lot of trout and bluegill, too.

MGC: Quick! Revolver or Semi-auto?

Barbara: Semi-auto … but I just ordered my first revolver, a Smith & Wesson Model 642. Guns are like shoes and especially for concealed carry. There are so many options and not every gun fits every occasion.

MGC: We can’t help but be impressed by the fact that The WON is already a celebrity hangout. Just look at the Team WON link on your site and you see brushes with fame all over! Just between us, and the rest of the internet, who’s joining Team WON next?

Barbara: You’re the seventh to know, Tom. We refer to them as “the twins.” Because they are. Tracy and Lanny Barnes, Olympic biathletes and if blogging had an Olympics, they’d whoop up on everyone … anyway, they are coming onboard, sponsored by ATI — who makes their gunstocks — and they are going to talk to us about nutrition, shooting, training and how to wear camo in Europe. They also will take us with them on their many and varied trips around the world. We can be armchair biathletes!

MGC: I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but how do people take advantage of The WON? Hang on, let me change that! How can people work with The WON to help advance the cause?

Barbara Baird The WON blowing up a rock

Here’s Barb. Drilling a big hole. In a big rock. To blow it up. I suspect Dr. Bomb is somehow involved.

Barbara: Thank you, Tom. Please link to us. We like links. And let us know what you want to read. We can send our WON Guns and Team WON out to help with a shooting event, fishing, adventure (think rock climbing), the biathlon, or hunting trip. In fact, last year, a bunch of WON Guns showed up at a carp bowfishing tournament in Southern Illinois. I think the carp heard about us, and vamoosed. There were hardly any carp to be found. We had a great time regardless.

MGC: So Barbara, this has been fun goofing around a bit, but all kidding aside, what else should our readers know about you?

Barbara: I’d like you to know that I’ve been married for 33+ years to a wonderful man that is known as Dr. Bomb in the industry. We have four grown children, two daughters-in-law, a son-in-law (they ALL shoot and hunt) and three granddaughters under the age of 2. We are starting our own Little Women in the Outdoors program. My family is extremely supportive of The WON, and contributes suggestions and participate in antics that often wind up as blogposts, bless their hearts. I am quite serious about my work in the industry, though. I am the Realtree News blogger and feature writer — launching a series of profiles next month at the site, a contributing editor at SHOT Biz and a feature writer and columnist at Turkey Country. I wrote the controversial cover story a few years ago that shocked a lot of people, regarding Katrina and the city of New Orleans’ coverup of gun confiscation there afterwards, and a follow-up story a year later for America’s 1st Freedom. I’m also a new columnist with Shooting Sports USA.

Thanks to Barbara Baird, known in some circles as Babbs In The Woods for giving us the rundown on The WON. Check them out online!

How To Stare A Bull Elk Into Your Freezer: Our Interview With Huntress Mia Anstine

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing not just an interesting “gun person” but an exceptionally busy one as well.

Meet Mia Anstine – Professional hunting guide at Wolf Creek Outfitters, blogger, Womens Outdoor News contributor, mentor, coach, soon-to-be-official shooting instructor, mom, wife, TenPoint Crossbows pro-staffer, Prois Hunting Apparel representative, and author of “Mia and the little gal.” Tired yet? We are.

My Gun Culture: Mia – Thanks for agreeing to occupy our interview hot seat several weeks back. To be honest, we’ve dragged our feet a bit out of embarrassment that we don’t know how to pronounce your name! Is it Mee-yah? My-ah? Mah? Yo lady? Mom! And then there’s the whole question of the correct pronunciation of your last name… An-steen? Ahn-stein? Ahn-stin-ay? We’re very confused. Please set our readers straight…

Mia Anstine: Haha! That’s a GREAT question! I often wonder what people think in their mind as they read my name and pronounce it in their head.  My first name if after the Spanish word for “mine”. It is pronounced Mee-uh as in Mia Hamm, Mia Farrow or Mia Anstine! Haha! My last name is a German name. It is pronounced Ann-Stine. Not Steen or Stein. It is Ann-sty-n.  Hopefully that helps. If not, I will correct you when I meet you. Hah!

MGC: As long as you don’t correct me with one of your crossbows, we’ll be fine! Speaking of Crossbows, what exactly do you do as a pro-staff member of TenPoint Crossbows?

Mia: I mentor lots of people in the outdoors including attending shooting events, trade shows and open houses at local archer or gun stores. At various events I give presentations and show off TenPoint. I demonstrate with my Carbon Fusion CLS and allow shooters to test the bow.

MGC: Being that you’re a professional guide, you’re obviously an accomplished hunter. Have you ever just totally blown a stalk by tripping over something, sneezing, or playing Angry Birds on your iPhone? It’s OK, you can tell, it’s just between us…

Mia: No, but I once was with my husband stalking a 5×5 bull elk that was chasing a cow when I suddenly saw another bull heading to chase him off. I was in the middle of a clearing when off to the right the larger, angry bull circled around the oak brush. He charged in from the side of the meadow.  We turned, and there he was. I was standing in the middle of the clearing with no cover. Hank whispered “don’t
move!”  I stood there, 20 feet from him, all 5’2” of me, trembling.  I was so excited, nervous and scared! That bull and I looked each other in the eye, him glaring at me.  He was mad at that other bull trying to steal one of his cows. I could see his nostrils flaring as he took
deep breaths, trying to smell me and figure out what I was.  I stood in awe as he had busted us but I wasn’t sure if he was going to run or run me over.

MGC: I’ve been wanting to see that movie “Men Who Stare At Goats.” Apparently it’s about some army program where they train to hunt the enemy using psychic powers. I’m assuming that’s how you got out of the bull elk situation right? You just stared at it until it dropped dead? Right?

Mia: We did give each other the stare down, but I had no psychic powers at hand. Thanks to the NRA and our right to bear arms, that day I used my .270 Winchester rifle to put meat in the freezer. It just happened to come along with an exciting story.

MGC: How did you get involved with Prois? You didn’t stare them into submission did you?

Mia: I discovered Prois hunting apparel when it first came out. I was very excited with the quality, function and fit. It was a product I believed in, supported and promoted over the past few years. It was also a bonus when I learned Kirstie Pike’s vision for ladies in the outdoors parallels my own. Now I am so proud and especially honored to be on the Field staffer for Prois.

MGC: We enjoy reading “Mia and the little gal” on Womens Outdoor News! Just hypothetically, how would you handle it if the little gal went entirely vegan one day. Would you teach her to hunt for wheat grass sprouts or something?

Mia: OMG!!! Just posed the question to the Little Gal and she says and I quote “Meat has more flavor than veggies.” LOL!!!! I guess being a vegan is not an option. Haha!

MGC: So tell us what inspires your about being a professional hunting guide at Wolf Creek Outfitters…

Mia: At Wolf Creek Outfitters (WCO) we have always promoted lady hunters, youth hunters as well as disabled. This year we are excited to be taking a number of kids for their first hunts as well as sponsoring a hunt for Outdoor Buddies of Colorado.

MGC: So what’s on your agenda for 2012?

Mia: I am happy to be promoting women in the outdoors and mentoring lots of lady hunters, new and old. I will be attending some ladies shooting events as well as coaching and mentoring at and on ladies hunts. It is my goal this year become an NRA certified shooting instructor.

MGC: So where should folks go to keep up with your adventures?

Mia: At Women’s Outdoor News I enjoy sharing stories of my and my daughter’s outdoor adventures. It is through the blog that we hope to mentor other families to get outside and hunt, shoot, fish and overall enjoy the outdoors together. We have some exciting stories we hope to share throughout the spring and summer. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Mia Anstine (and the little gal) for sharing their story. Stay tuned for more stories from interesting gun people!

Half-Cocked: Why more girls need to work in gun stores…

Why more women need to work in gun stores...

Why more women need to work in gun stores...

Half-Cocked: Every Girl Needs a Little Black Number…

Hmmm, which little black number today?  AR-15 or little black dress?

Hmmm, which little black number today?

Girls and guns (and mumus)

An interesting perspective on women in the shooting industry, why sex sells, and the downside of shooting while dressed in Birkenstock’s and a mumu – from Shelley Rae

About A Gal Who Shoots .30 Cal

Anette Wachter - .30 Cal Gal with her Jim Cloward Special

Anette Wachter – .30 Cal Gal with her Jim Cloward Special

Today we’re taking a look at a different facet of the shooting sports – high-power, long-range rifle competition. While our crack investigative team was surfing the internetz, we ran across .30 Cal Gal, known in civilian circles as Anette Wachter. Anette seems to think that it’s humanly possible to shoot at targets up to 1,000 yards away using iron sights. Right. As if you can even see anything 2/3 of a mile away. On further investigation, we found that she’s actually telling the truth. Not only do she and her husband Charles shoot at targets almost over the visual horizon, they actually hit them. Frequently. Apparently scopes are for sissies.

To read the complete interview with .30 Cal Gal, see the full article on

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