Going out with a bang!

Launch Your Dead Relatives!

Holy Smoke! Dead relatives filling up your house? Cremation Urns taking up precious counter space? No problem! Just launch ’em out of your rifle, pistol, or shotgun! Holy Smoke LLC will create custom loaded pistol, rifle, or shotgun ammunition packed with a little something extra – ashes of your loved ones. For example, just send […]

In honor of Rat Catcher Day…

Happy Rat Catcher Day!

Dang it. We missed National Rat Catcher Day. Again. Although 2 days late, we’re still going to re-post our favorite rat catching stories in honor of the event. The Happening Escalation to War The Importance of Proper Uniform Sneaky Ninja Stuff Trench Warfare Is Waterboarding Rodents Moral?

Ready! Aim! Shake Your Groove Thing!

German Troops Practicing Groovy Hip Aiming Techniques

“A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.” – John F. Kennedy Fortunately for us, some ideas do not live on. For example, the Marquis Nazi Belt Buckle Pistol invented during World War I and (nearly) fielded ‘en masse’ during World War II. The Marquis Belt Buckle pistol, also […]

A Call For More Common Sense Gun Laws!

Do Not Read This Sign Under Penalty of Law

We agree with The Brady Campaign and The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence on one thing. We need more common sense gun laws. Here are a few good examples… In Nevada, it’s apparently still legal, more or less, to hang someone for shooting your dog. As long as they shoot your dog on your property. […]

It’s National Sea Monkey Day!


Today is the day we celebrate everyone’s favorite insta-pet; it’s National Sea Monkey Day! I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a packed agenda: 7:00am Rise and shine! 7:15am Fix up a nice bowl of plankton for breakfast 8:00am Head to the attic to retrieve my old Green Hornet comic books. I need to […]

Ice Grenade

I guess if its too warm it ‘detonates’ on the carrier Ice Grenade: Don’t know the source or any other details on this one… but it sure does look good. With another day of temperatures in the low teens, I thought I’d continue with the ice theme. Ice Grenade (Via Weapon Blog.)

Long Lost Kahles Scope Used By Minnesota Iceman

Minnesota Iceman Kahles Scope - Scooby Doo

Kahles, Austrian manufacturer of fine rifle optics, recently unveiled the result of what was perhaps the longest field endurance test of hunting equipment ever – a Helia rifle scope lost in the Alps for what initially appeared to be nearly four decades. After showing the long lost rifle and scope at the 2011 SHOT Show, Kahles […]