Headin’ On Down To Shooty-ville… LuckyGunner Blogger Shoot


The crack investigative team at My Gun Culture has gained access to an operation so secret it is known to few outside the gun blogging community. And those who don’t know, but find out, will have to be killed. Or at least power-wedgied. According to our unnamed inside sources, LuckyGunner.com, in conjunction with Magtech, Sellier & […]

Army Field Tests Synthetic Soldiers


New media bloggers from The Firearm Blog and Inspire Me Now have apparently blown the lid off a top secret Army soldier development program. Kept tightly under wraps until now, the Passive Lightweight Assault Strike Troop Integrated Command (PLASTIC) program is designed to equip modern day infantry soldiers with synthetic urban assault combat gear. Designed […]

Palm Pistol Deep Sea Submersible Completes Endurance Testing

Palm Pistol Submersible

Earlier this month, Constitution Arms completed endurance testing of its revolutionary new combination Palm Pistol and Miniature Automated Deep Sea Submersible, or MADSS. The versatile device is expected to serve the emerging market for personal protection while performing deep sea exploration. “As a result of our extensive market research efforts, we’re pretty sure we’ve hit […]

“Impressive Chewing” Technology to Secure Israel’s Borders

Israel's CCAD (Cud Chewing Antelope of Doom) Defense System

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) recently fielded a new top-secret weapon designed to secure border areas. A covert IDF operative, recently back from deployment, and blogging under the code name Doubletapper, describes the new weapons system: The latest addition to the arsenal: a group of African antelope, each weighing nearly 1100 pounds. The antelope have […]