UK Gun Ban Creates More ‘Interesting’ Graphs

UK Homicide Rates post Gun Ban England Wales

Recent studies by noted economist John Lott have uncovered a surprising and unexpected outcome of some countries’ efforts to curb crime with strict gun ban measures. “Initially when we implemented gun ban measures, we hoped for an arse about face change in murder and other violent crimes” observed Ed Balls, Shadow Home Secretary. While we […]

UK Bans Images of “Scary Things”

Scary Burger King Guy

Following on the heels a recent ban of images showing guns, the British Advertising Standards Authority has elected to extend the ban to all things deemed “potentially scary.” Nigel Giles, spokesperson for the authority offered this explanation. “Gawdon Bennet! We got complaints abaaaht a new advert. OK? Awright geeezzaa! abaaaht what movie ‘Wan’ed‘ starrin’ actress […]

Obama Offers Historic Pistol to British Prime Minister Brown


In a White House ceremony today, President Obama offered a historic gift to visiting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The rare pistol, known as a “We don’t like you anymore” Special , was the first of it’s kind ever presented to a visiting dignitary. Brown graciously accepted the gift, even going so far as to […]