TSA Bully Tactics: Making Travelers Violate Federal Law

This is legal if you pay attention to the rules. Don't let TSA agents bully you in to breaking the law,

When you’re the fastest growing federal bureaucracy in history (that’s NOT a good thing by the way) you get to do pretty much whatever you want, regardless of what the law says. After all, they’ve got uniforms, buy lawyers by the pallet load, and if all else fails, have Eric Holder on their side of […]

10 Things You Need To Know About Flying With Guns

How to fly with guns

Here’s a bold statement. When you fly the friendly skies, you’ll experience more invasion of privacy, groping and unwanted scrutiny when you walk through the TSA checkpoint than when you try to check guns in your baggage. I fly enough that the majority of currently employed TSA agents are intimately familiar with every square inch […]

Flying With Guns? We Answer The Confusing Questions

TSA's worst nightmare? Not if you follow the rules and use a lockable case like this one.

Whether you have to fly with a firearm, for work, training or possibly the hunt of a lifetime, or you just want to bring your gun with you for personal security, you need to play nice with the feds. When I travel to states friendly with my concealed carry permit, I almost always travel with […]

TSA Challenge: 5.11 Tactical Gear vs. Regular Luggage


Just arrived back in the home town from SHOT Show 2012 only to find that 3 out of 4 pieces of our regular luggage were searched by TSA. The 5.11 very tactical looking gear we carried through the checkpoints sailed right on through. Conclusions? We have no idea, but would bet lunch that TSA at […]

Our TSA Penance: A Quick Reference Guide to Anti-Gun Terminology

Caution! Don't Mess with the TSA!

As part of our community service sentence resulting from incessant teasing and general display of ill will towards the TSA (here, here, here, and here) and a recent airport altercation, we’re promoting a free quick reference guide to common terminology used by anti-gun rights organizations. OK fine. If you really must know, on a recent trip […]

Napolitano Announces TSA Porta Porn Scan 3000


In a Department of Homeland Security press conference today, Secretary Janet Napolitano announced sweeping new additions to the nations security network. As part of the recent efforts to broaden security measures to venues other than TSA major transportation hubs, the Secretary unveiled the latest in portable body scan technology – the Porta Porn Scan 3000 […]

BATFE and TSA Request Emergency Authority To Install Body Scanners

TSA Full Body Scanning

In a rare display of cross agency cooperation, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – BATFE –  announced a sweeping partnership with the Transportation Security Administration – TSA – designed to end violence along the Mexican border. In a joint statement, the BATFE and TSA agencies requested emergency authority to install body scanners […]