College Students Shoot the Clays at the ACUI Shotgun Bowl Series

Here's what a new Beretta 692 Sporting model does to a clay target.

If you want to see the next generation of competitive clays shooters, look no further than the Association of College Unions International (ACUI). This non-profit organization is much broader than clays shooting or even sports as a whole. Its purpose is to bring together college union and student activities professionals from hundreds of schools across […]

How To Get Started Trap Shooting

Trap Shooting-1-2

Recently, I wrote The Rookie’s Introduction to Clay Shooting to help new folks get a handle on what the various clay shooting sports are all about. Now, let’s get serious and take a look at how to get started. Although you can start your clay target shooting career in any of the primary disciplines – trap, skeet or sporting […]

Students with Guns!

Some of the Team Clemson shooters just finishing a round.

So, a history major, a veterinarian and a sorority girl walk into a gun range… If there was a politician in the mix, this might sound like the beginning of a corny joke. Well, it’s not. And it’s actually been going on for 45 years now. What is it? Welcome to the Collegiate Scholastic Clay […]

Students Not Expelled For Playing With Guns

Students shooting guns everywhere! Panic? No. Respect, determination and safety? Plenty of that to go around.

Lots of guns? Yes. Expulsions and/or Suspensions? No. “L” shaped Pop-Tarts? I’m not sure, but if there were, no one had a meltdown over it. What universe am I in? That would be the Jacksonville Skeet and Trap Club in Jacksonville, Florida for the Southeast Collegiate Invitational Shoot. Dozens and dozens of college students competed […]