My New Years Shooting Resolutions

NSSF Gunsite

Like most, my life is full of good intentions. This coming year, I’m going to do all sorts of wonderful and productive things like lose weight, get in shape and watch less TV—except for the 27 shows I just have to DVR. Joking aside, and even if the promises to myself I take seriously fall […]

8 Reasons You Need Professional Help

Pro Shooter and Trainer Todd Jarrett has the class moving fast and trying to hit small steel plates. It's an enlightening experience!

There are words and ideas that pass right through our brains like truthful reporting zips past the network news. In the shooting world, one of those words is “training.” Lots of respectable people talk about the importance of training. In response, we nod our heads and think “Yes! I need to get some professional training! […]

How Do You Become A Better Shooter? Practice, Practice, Practice

The Next Level Training S.I.R.T. Smith & Wesson M&P Training Pistol

As you may know, we’re big fans of the S.I.R.T. Practice Pistol from Next Level Training. A couple of years ago, Britt Lenz and Mike Hughes (you may remember Mike from History Channel’s Top Shot) came up with a cool invention – a perfectly safe practice pistol. Because the way to become a safer and […]

Talking, Talking and More Talking with Max Michel of Team Sig

Champion Shooter Max Michel of Team Sig

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one… to attempt to interview another one, who is every bit as nutty as the first one, one looks for Team Sig’s Max Michel. So we did. We caught up with Max at SHOT Show and dragged him away from the screaming fans and corporate […]

SIRT Training Pistol – Are Eunuch Guns Firing Blanks Or Banking Firing Practice?

The SIRT Training Pistol from Next Level Training

Productive (and fun) gun neutering Most people think of neutering in a bad way. My dogs run away for days when they hear that word.Recently we had to retrieve them from a snow cave just outside the town of Alert, located in Nunavut, Canada. In the case of the SIRT Training Pistol from Next Level […]

Our Interview With Massad Ayoob – He’s Not A Dancing With The Stars Contender

Massad Ayoob

Recently I was invited to sit in on Massad Ayoob’s MAG-20 class. Lisa Marie and Tommy Judy run a great training business – B.E.L.T. Training – and were hosting Mr. / Officer / Instructor / Drill Sergeant / Coach / Counselor / Professor Ayoob’s four day MAG-40 class. They had space for me to sit […]

Top 8 Reasons National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day Won’t Work Here


This Saturday, June 9, is National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day. This first annual event aims to encourage Moms and Dads to get their daughters to the range to learn how to shoot safely. Herein lies the problem in our household. You see, our daughter is ever-so-slightly tactical. You know, the kind of […]

Top 5 Ways To Teach A Successful Concealed Carry Class


Having acquired concealed carry permits from two different states over the past so many years, and forgetting to renew a license in one of them, we’ve been subjected to three different state-mandated concealed carry classes. Actually, ‘sentenced’ is probably a more accurate descriptor than ‘subjected.’ State mandated classes are always high-quality because legislators have arbitrarily […]

How to reload without having parts left over…

Sinclair Reloading Video

If you’re like me, there have been one or two times in your life when you embarked upon a “do it yourself” project and when all was said and done, and the dust settled, there were a few mystery parts left over. When it comes to reloading ammunition, this is definitely NOT a good thing! […]