A Molly Minute with Molly Smith – Team Smith & Wesson’s Youngest Shooter

Molly Smith Team Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter

Recently we had the good fortune to catch up with Pro Shooter Molly Smith of Team Smith & Wesson. This was no small feat as this lady is seriously on the go. Ever see The Flash from DC Comics? Well, she’s kind of like that… My Gun Culture: So Molly, we’ve heard you called a […]

Coffee Talk with Julie Golob, and Her Julie-Double

Julie Golob and Her Julie-Double Shooting the Heck Out of Stuff

Today we continue our quest to speak with fun and interesting people in the shooting industry. We’d like to thank Julie Golob, coffee aficionado, for sharing some time with us. In case you don’t know, in addition to roasting her own Major Power Factor coffee, she also shoots at a lot of things. So we […]