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Is The MK19 Grenade Launcher Appropriate For Home Defense?

MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher

Suitable for Home Defense? The MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher

In today’s edition of He Said / She Said, we examine the relative pros and cons of using the MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher as a primary home defense weapon. Much has been said about the merits of pistols, revolvers, shotguns, and AR platform rifles for home defense, but little serious consideration has been given to suitability of larger and more powerful crew-served weapons.

First, some basic specifications:

  • 350 round per minute cyclic rate
  • 40 x 53mm high-explosive grenade rounds
  • Battle-proven
  • ‘Moderate’ stopping power
  • Tripod and vehicle mount options


He said She said
I’ve been looking into other options for our primary home defense gun. I’m thinking we need something crew-served – like the MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher.
Hmmm. Not bad. I like the stopping power, but you do realize it has an effective blast radius of about 15 meters right? That’s way bigger than our family room. 

I think the collateral damage might be a bit excessive. And we just got a new wide screen TV, remember?

Yeah but at least we wouldn’t have to worry about complex things like range estimation. I think it would be pretty much point and shoot since it would be indoors.
Ummm. Have you considered that the MK19 grenades require at least 30 meters of flight time to arm? Our hallway is definitely not that long.
Well, we have been talking about getting a bigger house. Why not kill two birds with one grenade, so to speak? Maybe we can design in a longer hallway to the master bedroom and a larger family room at the other end to contain the blast radius.
I’m not sure that we can count on bad guys only breaking in through the main hallway. What if someone tries to come in through a window? Have you thought of that?
But honey, those rounds will penetrate up to 2 inches of rolled armor! Awesome!
Right. Have you even thought about ammo costs? We certainly don’t have room in our budget for 40x53mm high explosive rounds, or even practice rounds for that matter. 

And last time I looked, you don’t have reloading dies for the MK19…

No problem, I’ll check and see if Midway USA has some!
And last I checked, the tripod mount only comes in black. And you know I’ve been wanting to re-do the master bedroom in a tangerine, turquoise, and aubergine palette

I do like the vehicle mount option though. I would feel a lot safer on those long drives to Florida…

So what do you think, is it a plan?
How about let’s talk after you get me my new computer and come up with an extra 20 grand?

Iron Horse Iron Holster


The folks at American Rogue recently emailed us a video highlighting their Pistol Holster Belt for the Modern Iron Horse Cowboy. The product is actually not a holster per-se, but rather a belt plate to which you can attach a standard holster and magazine carriers. We suppose the idea is to attach your standard holster and gun to the Pistol Holder Belt while Easy Riding and then re-attach to your belt when you arrive at your destination.

We’re thinking that since the product is aimed at Iron Horse Cowboys, the rig needs to be extended to handle a Mare’s Leg from Henry Repeating Rifles. Now that would round things out and provide some nice balance on the other side of the bike.

Henry Mare's Leg

Henry Mare's Leg

We’re going to contact American Rogue about getting an eval unit for testing and review. One minor issue is that we don’t own a Harley, so of course we’ll have to ask the good folks at American Rogue to supply us with a loaner bike. If you all could send us a Harley Davidson Soft-Tail Cross Bones for a year or so that would be much appreciated!

Where the magic happens…

There’s been a flurry of posts from other gun bloggers in response to an inquiry launched by Romeo Tango Bravo and my mysterious web buddy at GunMart. And no, it’s not a bro-mance. We’re just friends, although we’ve never met.

The basic question was, “where do you do your gun blogging from and what environment drives all those creative and radical posts?

Some of the other bloggers office environments that I’ve seen include:

I’ve stayed out of this contest mainly because I didn’t want to stir up a lot of envy among the Gun Blogger community. You see, I like to live the moment when I’m writing, so I do most of my work from my M16 Half Track. It’s open and spacious, and has plenty of guns.

My Gun Blogging Office

My Gun Blogging Office

Sometimes though, I get the writers block thing and have to move to my alternate digs. Usually I like to stand in the turret of my Sherman tank. It makes me feel invincible in my writing.

My Backup Gun Blogging Office - Remember, 2 is 1, and 1 is none.

My Backup Gun Blogging Office - Remember, 2 is 1, and 1 is none.

I would like to thank my new buddy David from the Historical Cadet Corps for lending me office space. David is my new best friend mainly cause he’s a nice guy (of course), but also because he has an M16 Half Track for us to play with.

David - Historical Cadet Corps with his most awesome toy!

David - Historical Cadet Corps with his most awesome toy!


Movie Review: Black Swan

Black Swan Poster

Black Swan - The Tactical Movie

This is a first for us. Movie reviews. But since a movie called Black Swan just had to be about something tactical or military, I agreed with ‘her’ that we would rent it and post a review.

He said She said
When ‘she’ said she wanted to watch Black Swan, I was like, awesome! A movie about the Crni Labudovi? 800 brave Bosnian Special Forces soldiers. Reputation for battlefield bravery. Led by “Kapetan Labud” or Captain Swan “en anglais.” How awesome is my wife, wanting to watch a movie about the special forces unit in the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Eat my dust other guys out there. You wish you were me. Admit it – it sucks to be you.
Yeah honey, that’s ‘more or less‘ what its about, so let’s watch it tonight. 

(Ha! He’s so gullible.)

You know, I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m not so sure it’s about the Crni Labudovi. It could be. Ummm, perhaps…

No problem. Got it. I always wanted to know the story of the HMS Black Swan and it’s role in defending Norway in WWII. I’m part Norwegian you know.
Sure. Just watch and let it be a surprise! Doesn’t that sound fun

I’m not positive, but I don’t remember too much about ships in the previews…

Well, it absolutely must be about Team BlackSwan E-TAC (Elite Tactical Assault Company) which, as everyone already knows, is a high-performance paintball team based out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It is about them right? Right?
Remember, movies are always better when the plot’s a surprise!
That wasn’t quite what I expected.
The dance choreography beautifully complemented Natalie Portman’s stellar performance. The psychological intrigue and constantly twisting plot were fully realized in a redemptively tragic ending. I was moved. A well deserved Oscar for Natalie!

Honey I’ve got a great chick-flick for our next movie night. It’s called Full Metal Jacket. I think it’s about the newest fashion rage on the Parris runways (and obstacle courses…)

Ummm. I’m not falling for that. Nice try though.

Who in their right mind would think that Black Swan was about psycho-ballerinas? OK, so maybe the concept of a highly-classified anti-terrorist team traveling the world under cover as a ballet company is a little far-fetched. That would make a great movie idea though…


French Army Knife

In some strange way, I kind of want one.

French Army Knife

Submitted by: zetabeta
Posted at: 2011-05-12 16:34:37
See full post and comment: http://9gag.com/gag/119866


Headin’ On Down To Shooty-ville… LuckyGunner Blogger Shoot


LuckyGunner Blogger Shoot Sponsors

The crack investigative team at My Gun Culture has gained access to an operation so secret it is known to few outside the gun blogging community. And those who don’t know, but find out, will have to be killed. Or at least power-wedgied.

According to our unnamed inside sources, LuckyGunner.com, in conjunction with Magtech, Sellier & Bellot, and RangeMaster, will be hosting a full-blown-full-auto-explosive-shooty-up-bang-bang festival over Memorial Day weekend. While the location is secret, many believe it will take place at Area 51, aka Dreamland.

In addition to free tactical pistol and shotgun training from RangeMaster, attendees will be testing large amounts of free ammunition in most common calibers – all provided by Magtech, Sellier & Bellot and LuckyGunner.com.

These companies may sound familiar as there has been much speculation that LuckyGunner provided the MagTech and Sellier & Bellot ammunition recently used during the Osama Bin Laden raid. No word as to whether Seal Team 6 will be in attendance. If they choose to attend, it’s likely that no one will know anyway.


Weapons In Attendance

Additionally, participants will be required to shoot the following weapons without (visibly) crying.

Yes, seriously.

As our readers know, we are all about giving. So with great personal sacrifice, we will be attending this event in order to provide full coverage for you.

Our plan as of now is to release to the public photos of this historic event.

Update: On further consideration, we have decided against releasing photos from this event as it is not in the best interest of the country. We need to be sensitive to the considerations of others who are not in attendance and therefore feel ill will towards us. And we are definitely not ones to ‘spike the football‘ so to speak.

Update to the update: On even further consideration, we’ve now figured out that the photos will leak to the public anyway, so we might as well publish them.

If technology allows, we will also attempt to capture the sound of our editor screaming like a little girl when he fires the PAK 38 Anti-Tank field artillery piece.

It’s not just an adventure; it’s a job.


Now if it just had a minigun…

From Lyger Lyger


Tankchair. This is a thing. I love that this is a thing. Hey, mobility issues? You can just piss off now; you are no longer a tactical disadvantage.

Benchmade Expands Into Tactical Office Supplies Market

DamaSteel Tactical Stapler

Benchmade DamaSteel Tactical Stapler

Frankfurt, Germany – The My Gun Culture investigative team has recently returned from the PaperWorld Expo, where our reporters learned of a new strategic direction for knife maker Benchmade. Building on the market success of the company’s Specialty Tactical Pen series, Benchmade intends to aggressively expand into the broader tactical office supplies market.

“The problem with most office supplies is that they are ridiculously uncool” observed Benchmade CEO Ben Cartwright. “I mean, really, think about your average stapler. It’s almost always black and has no style or tactical value whatsoever. And we’ve yet to see one equipped with laser sights. And when it comes to trying to fight with most office supplies, forget about it.”

Cartwright went on to reveal the first two products in Benchmade’s new lineup – the DamaSteel Tactical Stapler and the OC Combo Tape/Pepper Non-Lethal Dispenser. The DamaSteel Tactical Stapler features a 3×9 variable scope for both short and longer range office conflicts and and high-penetration dual-core titanium staples. The Non-lethal tape/pepper dispenser aims to be the first to market with a 15 foot effective radius.

Designed to appeal to the disgruntled cubicle worker market, Benchmade’s new lineup will be sold in vending machines of large office complexes. “We’re also looking at partnerships with other companies firmly entrenched in existing office complexes. Red Bull and UPS for example” explained company Marketing Vice President Don Draper. “Don’t tell anyone about this, but we have a product placement deal in the works with Dilbert.”

Cartwright continued “We’re always looking at innovation. Some things on our drawing board include a semi-automatic three-hole punch and a concealable protractor. As we always say, make it cool, make it solid, make it happen and definitely make it Benchmade.”

Crimson Trace Expands Into Tactical Laser Show Market

The Crimson Trace Tactical Laser Show Team In Action

The Crimson Trace Tactical Laser Show Team In Action

Wilsonville, OR – Crimson Trace Corporation, manufacturer of Lasergrips® and Laserguard® laser-sighting systems today announced a major expansion into the emerging tactical laser show market.

Aimed at leveraging the company’s deep experience with cool lasery-lighty things, the move is expected to provide revenue opportunities beyond the saturated personal defense laser sight market segment. The company admits that new product line inspiration sometimes comes from unlikely sources. “I was watching TV late one night and saw a rockumentary on KISS then that old movie TRON” observed Crimson Trace CEO Ben Cartwright. “Then it came to me – why not start a synchronized tactical laser team? That would be awesome! Lasers, SWAT guys, Segways, loud music , gunfire – the whole works. We’ll probably have to use blanks for ammo though.”

The company intends to compete in the growing market for professionally produced laser shows. Primary market segments include rock concerts, company meeting celebrations, holiday celebrations and Bar Mitzvah’s.

“We’ve got all sorts of ideas for tactical laser show revenue” stated Don Draper, Vice President of Marketing for Crimson Trace. “Going into the birthday and Bar Mitzvah market will obviously be huge, and most of the established laser show players are not there, but we’re also looking at innovating things like doing The Bachelor Season 9 Finale. If all goes we ought to be able to sign a couple of clubs that the Jersey Shore kids frequent.”

The company also anticipates a great community service opportunity with the new offering. SWAT teams across the country, impacted by shrinking budgets, can be quickly trained to offer tactical laser shows to earn a little extra revenue. “A few hours in the courthouse parking lot with the local SWAT team and we’ve got a well-oiled synchronized tactical laser team” bragged Draper.

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