The Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting: Unnatural Point of Aim

Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting: Unnatural Point of Aim

Do you want supernatural shooting results? Are you tired of listening to friends talk about shooting one ragged hole in their targets? Want to lose that extra five pounds before 3-Gun match season? If you answered yes to any of these questions, let’s talk about natural point of aim. Natural  [ˈna-chə-rəl] Adjective 1. Occurring in […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting: The Cup and Saucer Grip

Cup and saucer handgun grip

One of my very favorite things is to take new shooters to the range. My second favorite thing is simply seeing new shooters at the range. My least favorite thing is to see folks launch into their shooting career without any instruction, thereby developing a bunch of bad, and sometimes unsafe, habits. To help them […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting: Doin’ The Bernie

7 Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting - Doin The Bernie

We’ve started a new project – a weekly column at The current series describes the Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting. Hope you enjoy! The ’80s movie Weekend at Bernie’s was a pop icon film that exemplified heart-wrenching and soulful acting, panoramic cinematography, and helpful tips on how to party with a dead guy. Why it […]

Our Talk With The Miculeks – The First Family of Shooting


We had the opportunity to catch up with Jerry, Kay and Lena Miculek recently to ask them about life as the First Family of Shooting, family rivalries and how often Jerry has to sleep in the couch. As you’ll see, the Miculeks are some wild and crazy folks! My Gun Culture: Here we are with […]

Top 10 Shooting Products from NSSF SHOT Show 2013

Slidefire 22 Stock

Doing a Top 10 list for SHOT Show is ridiculous. Kind of like trying to fit all the amazing things that have spilled out of Joe Biden’s mouth into a single leather-bound book. It simply can’t be done. But as you probably already know, we’re kind of ridiculous around here, so we’re going to highlight […]

Buyers Guide: The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery by Massad Ayoob

Combat Handgunnery by Massad Ayoob

We’ve enjoyed reading Massad Ayoob’s articles in various publications like American Handgunner and Combat Handguns for years. It’s clear that he has amassed a wealth of knowledge of all things shooting and self-defense related during his law enforcement, training, and writing career. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Ayoob’s work is the variety of topics […]

Buyers Guide: 5.11 Tactical COVRT Z.A.P. 6 (Zone Assault Pack)

511 COVRT Zone Assault Pack

Backpack? Holster? Metro Bag? How about all the above? The 5.11 Tactical COVRT Z.A.P. 6, or Zone Assault Pack makes a great holster that also serves to lug some gear. The single-strap, over-the-shoulder design allows the pack to be carried on the back, but instantly swiveled to the front. When brought forward, the dedicated holster […]

Shooting Chrony Beta Master Chronograph


Be sure to get the name right on this one. The correct model identification is a Shooting Chrony ‘Beta Master’ and not the other way around. If you’re into reloading, you absolutely, positively have to get a chronograph. Chronograph is a big word that means fancy electronic thing that figures out how fast your bullets […]

Mule Deer Foundation Launches Underprivileged Deer Grant Program


In a surprise move today, Ben Cartwright, CEO of The Mule Deer Foundation, announced a new grant program aimed at giving a ‘hoof up’ to disadvantaged mule deer. “Our hearts are broken” lamented Cartwright. “Year after year, we see the vicious cycle of deer not having the opportunity to realize their full potential. Don’t let […]