22 AR-15 Conversion Kits: Myth or Maxim?

The CMMG 22AR Bravo Conversion

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to reject, at least temporarily, internet hearsay. You know what Abraham Lincoln said about the internet, right? “Four score of lies, myths, exaggerations and urban legends.” That’s a long way of saying lots of folks read something and then pass it on as the gospel truth. Knowing that […]

New Product: Maglula Range Bench Loader for MSR Rifles

Load an AR magazine in seconds, no blisters, with the new Maglula Range BenchLoaded

New from the finger-saving engineers at Maglula is the Range BenchLoader. Like it’s predecessor, the BenchLoader, it’s designed to instantly load up from 1 to 30 rounds in an AR rifle magazine. The original BenchLoader offered similar performance but was larger, heavier and due to the design, only accepted certain types of standard AR magazines. […]

New Product: Stack-A-Rest Rifle Rest

Put the flat sides together and create a rotating platform rest.

In today’s why didn’t I think of that and become rich category is the Stack-a-Rest from Quake Industries. It’s a series of stackable foam pieces, kind of like Legos Gone Wild that fit together in a number of different ways. Stack one, two, three or all four to adjust your rifle rest height and use […]

Mossberg FLEX System: When One Gun Is Enough

The Mossberg FLEX system allows you to swap stocks, grips and butt pads quickly and easily.

I’ve seen magazine ads for the Mossberg FLEX system for sometime now, but have not had the opportunity to kick the tires, so to speak, until now. If you’re not familiar with the Mossberg FLEX, the idea is a system of interchangeable parts, like stocks, grips, buttpads and forends, that allow you to quickly and […]

A Great Reason To Take Your iPhone Or iPad To The Shooting Range

The iPad version provides the same functionality, just on a larger screen.

Back in September I wrote about a new product that’s a must have accessory for rifle shooters – The Bullseye Camera System. I won’t review all the capabilities here as you can read about those in the original article. The short description is this: Here’s what the Bullseye Camera System does, in a nutshell: Watches […]

OTIS Technology Announces LaPierreCare Offerings

OTIS Elite Cleaning System - everything you need, for every gun you have. Or might have.

Hey folks – just found out OTIS Technology, maker and purveyor of my absolute favorite cleaning kits, just launched a couple of rebate specials. Starting October 1 and continuing through the end of the year, there are two deals to check out. Is it coincidence that the launch date coincides with the go live date […]

Grime Boss Hand Wipes – A Shooting Bag Necessity

Grime Boss Hand Wipes SHOT Show 2013

The best part of our annual SHOT Show pilgrimage is learning about new products from fascinating people. One guy in particular took top honors for cleanest and freshest handshake. He was representing Grime Boss Hand Wipes at the Realtree Outdoors booth. That’s where he accosted us and asked if he could clean our hands. It […]

Top 10 Shooting Products from NSSF SHOT Show 2013

Slidefire 22 Stock

Doing a Top 10 list for SHOT Show is ridiculous. Kind of like trying to fit all the amazing things that have spilled out of Joe Biden’s mouth into a single leather-bound book. It simply can’t be done. But as you probably already know, we’re kind of ridiculous around here, so we’re going to highlight […]

Swamp Thing: The Emergence – ZCORR Storage Bag Torture Test Results


A long time ago, in a swamp far, far away, we buried a ZCORR Zero Corrosion Products Vacuum Pistol Bag. When we originally buried the ultimate survival kit, the water table was normal, and the bag and its contents were buried about 2 feet deep in damp swamp mud. Did we say swamp? Sorry, we […]

Review: Gargoyles Striker Protective Glasses – Safety with Style


Suggested Retail Price: $75.00 to $110.00 www.gargoyleseyewear.com The Good These are really crossover shooting glasses. They offer ballistic protection without looking like range gear. The Bad The fit is very close to my face and there can be a touch of fogging on hot and humid days. The Ugly We don’t look nearly as menacing […]