New Product: Maglula Range Bench Loader for MSR Rifles

Load an AR magazine in seconds, no blisters, with the new Maglula Range BenchLoaded

Load an AR magazine in seconds, no blisters, with the new Maglula Range BenchLoaded

New from the finger-saving engineers at Maglula is the Range BenchLoader. Like it’s predecessor, the BenchLoader, it’s designed to instantly load up from 1 to 30 rounds in an AR rifle magazine. The original BenchLoader offered similar performance but was larger, heavier and due to the design, only accepted certain types of standard AR magazines. The new Range BenchLoader does not fully contain the magazine; it attaches to the open of of the magazine using the magazine catch cutout. This means the new Range model will accept all type of AR magazines including P-Mags and Surefire 60 round magazines.

To operate, dump cartridges into the curved tray, oriented properly and push the entire load into the magazine. The entire process takes less than 25 seconds. Weighing just 13 ounces, it’s light and small enough to toss in a range bag.

One more thing. The “lula” in Maglula stands for “loading / unloading accessory” in case you were wondering.

Suggested retail price is $165.00.

For more information, visit

New Product: Stack-A-Rest Rifle Rest

Four stacking foam blocks quickly customize the height of your rifle rest.

Four stacking foam blocks quickly customize the height of your rifle rest.

In today’s why didn’t I think of that and become rich category is the Stack-a-Rest from Quake Industries.

It’s a series of stackable foam pieces, kind of like Legos Gone Wild that fit together in a number of different ways. Stack one, two, three or all four to adjust your rifle rest height and use any leftover pieces under your support arm. If you invert one and put the flat sides together, you can shove a cartridge through the center hole to create a stable rotating turret. The angular side down allows stable mounting on window frames, truck doors, branches, rocks or most whatever else is handy. One of the pieces even has a slit cut across so it will fit snugly on a car window.

Put the flat sides together and create a rotating platform rest.

Put the flat sides together and create a rotating platform rest.

The whole set only weighs ten ounces, so it’s easy to tote to the range or strap to your backpack while on a hunt.

Cool idea. They’re starting to hit the stores now.

Mossberg FLEX System: When One Gun Is Enough

I’ve seen magazine ads for the Mossberg FLEX system for sometime now, but have not had the opportunity to kick the tires, so to speak, until now.

The Mossberg FLEX system allows you to swap stocks, grips and butt pads quickly and easily.

The Mossberg FLEX system allows you to swap stocks, grips and butt pads quickly and easily.

If you’re not familiar with the Mossberg FLEX, the idea is a system of interchangeable parts, like stocks, grips, buttpads and forends, that allow you to quickly and easily reconfigure a rifle or shotgun. There are plenty of good reasons you might want to do this.

  • Seasonal clothing changes. If your shotgun or rifle fits you perfectly in the cold months when you wear heavy clothing, it might be a bit long in the stock during the summer t-shirt months.
  • You may want to share the same rifle or shotgun with another person who requires a different length of pull than you – a child for instance?
  • Maybe you want to use one gun for hunting and home defense. Why not mount a solid stock for hunting outings and a collapsible for home defense use?
Butt pads are a piece of cake to swap. A button on the bottom of the stock releases one, so you can add a different size.

Butt pads are a piece of cake to swap. A button on the bottom of the stock releases one, so you can add a different size.

Before I saw the system I had hesitations about the about how solid this the mounts would be. After all, the stock is the focal point for heavy recoil forces in shotguns and rifles. At the recent Professional Outdoor Media Conference (POMA) I had the opportunity to swap some stocks and shoot.

I found the locking system to be rock solid and here’s why. Mossberg uses zinc fixtures on both male and female sides of the locking mechanism between the stock and receiver. The locking mechanism is similar and appearance and function to AR style barrel extension and bolt carrier the way the two pieces locked together. A semicircular lever lifts out of the stock itself and twists 90° to release the mechanism. A quick bump with your hand and the two halves come apart. It’s a tight fit and I could detect no “play” at all between the receiver and stock.

You can also swap the butt pad for different sizes with a simple button release on the bottom of the stock. The butt pads are designed to snap in place and are available in small, medium and large sizes. Mossberg also offers different sizes of stocks blanks so you actually have two ways to customize. First you choose the stock you want, then select the desired butt pad. Couldn’t be easier.

Mossberg makes the FLEX system for 12 gauge 500 series shotguns, 7.62mm and 5.56mm MVP bolt action magazine fed rifles, 20 gauge shotguns and now FLEX-22 rifles.

Cool stuff.

A Great Reason To Take Your iPhone Or iPad To The Shooting Range

The Bullseye Camera iPhone application. It's got all the basics you need to monitor shots up to one mile downrange.

The Bullseye Camera iPhone application. It’s got all the basics you need to monitor shots up to one mile downrange.

Back in September I wrote about a new product that’s a must have accessory for rifle shooters – The Bullseye Camera System.

The iPad version provides the same functionality, just on a larger screen.

The iPad version provides the same functionality, just on a larger screen.

I won’t review all the capabilities here as you can read about those in the original article. The short description is this:

The @BullseyeCamera is like having an extra set of eyes down range, closely monitoring (but never criticizing!) every shot you take. (Tweet This)

Here’s what the Bullseye Camera System does, in a nutshell:

  • Watches your target for every shot
  • Tracks the exact location of each hit in the target area
  • Beams that information back to your shooting bench location
  • Displays a real-time view, on a laptop or netbook computer, of each shot taken

Well, life has gotten better. When I first got my hands on the system, it required a Windows-based computer, laptop or netbook to run the software. That was OK as I had a small netbook available to lug to the range. Now, Bullseye Camera has released both iPhone and iPad versions of the software. So you no longer need to bring a laptop to the range – your iPhone will work just fine by itself. If you want a larger screen, then bring an iPad.

You can find the iOS application free here. Of course, you need the Bullseye Camera hardware to use it.

The downrange part of the Bullseye Camera setup.

The downrange part of the Bullseye Camera setup.

Bullseye Camera is hard at work on Android and Mac OS versions of the software too. We’ll give you a heads up as soon as those are available.

OTIS Technology Announces LaPierreCare Offerings

OTIS Elite Cleaning System - everything you need, for every gun you have. Or might have.

OTIS Elite Cleaning System – everything you need, for every gun you have. Or might get.

Hey folks – just found out OTIS Technology, maker and purveyor of my absolute favorite cleaning kits, just launched a couple of rebate specials. Starting October 1 and continuing through the end of the year, there are two deals to check out.

Is it coincidence that the launch date coincides with the go live date of LaPierreCare Affordable Gun Act? I think not.

The first deal is for the OTIS Elite Cleaning System which has gizmos to handle every firearm from .17 caliber through 12 gauge shotguns. 105mm light guns require additional parts, sorry. Buy the OTIS Elite kit and send in the forms for a $15 cash back rebate. If you want to know a little more about the OTIS Elite system, we gave one away last year with the ladies from Women’s Outdoor News.

OTIS Technology MSR / AR-15 Kit with B.O.N.E. Tool and Ripcord cleaner

OTIS Technology MSR / AR-15 Kit with B.O.N.E. Tool and Ripcord cleaner

The second offer is available with purchase of the OTIS MSR / AR Cleaning Kit. Specifically designed for AR platform rifles and pistols, this kit includes things you need to clean out that nearly impossible to reach chamber. It also includes the OTIS B.O.N.E. tool, which is one of the niftiest inventions I’ve seen in a long time. Use the OTIS B.O.N.E. tool to clean your bolt, bolt tail and carrier. Handy. When you buy the MSR / AR kit, OTIS will send you a free OTIS Ripcord cleaner, which we recently evaluated.

If rebate forms don’t come included with your purchase, no problem. You can get them from the OTIS website.

Grime Boss Hand Wipes – A Shooting Bag Necessity

My Gun Culture Shooting Buyers Guide

The best part of our annual SHOT Show pilgrimage is learning about new products from fascinating people.

Grime Boss Hand Wipes SHOT Show 2013

Grime Boss Hand Wipes SHOT Show 2013

One guy in particular took top honors for cleanest and freshest handshake. He was representing Grime Boss Hand Wipes at the Realtree Outdoors booth. That’s where he accosted us and asked if he could clean our hands. It wasn’t as creepy as it sounds and the price was right, so we readily agreed.

At first use, we were sold. Even wandering the indoor halls of SHOT Show one manages to pick up a fair amount of grime, people smudge, germs, coffee spill residue and who knows what else. The effectiveness of these wipes was amazing. We felt instantly clean and refreshed. Well, as clean as one can feel in Vegas.

You see, Grime Boss Hand Wipes are not sissy wipes and they are entirely inappropriate for babies’ bottoms. They don’t smell like flowers or freshly sanitized diaper pails. They are bona-fide field wipes. You might even call them tactical.

What’s cool about them, other than not smelling like Martha Stewart’s interpretation of the Kardashian Baby Nursery, is that they are made by mashing two materials together. One side is rough, really rough. As in clean mud off your truck tires rough. The other is smooth. And the whole mess is soaked in a chemical free bath containing Vitamin E and Aloe.

We’ve found all sorts of uses for Grime Boss Hand Wipes:

  • You can keep a pack in your range bag to wipe the lead and grime off before you leave. Safety first right?
  • Keep some in the workshop for cleaning tools, smooth work surfaces and of course your hands. The rough side of Grime Boss hand Wipes are incredibly versatile for light industrial cleanup.
  • Keep some in the car – not just for hands but other joys like melted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Dairy Queen Blizzard drips. No further comment.
  • You can use them to clean dog poop out of puppy paws. Again, no further comment.
  • Live in a bachelor pad? Don’t feel like running the dishwasher? Use you imagination…
  • Still living in a bachelor pad? Company on the way and the bathroom is a little skanky? There you go.

Grime Boss Hand Wipes are packaged in a variety of ways for different applications. The single use foil packs are great for range bag and car application. For more frequent use scenarios get the multi-pack. This one is NOT packed in a plastic container on purpose. It won’t roll around, or under the workbench, it’s easier to store, and the package design keeps the last one as moist as the first.

Highly recommended!

Top 10 Shooting Products from NSSF SHOT Show 2013

Doing a Top 10 list for SHOT Show is ridiculous. Kind of like trying to fit all the amazing things that have spilled out of Joe Biden’s mouth into a single leather-bound book. It simply can’t be done.

But as you probably already know, we’re kind of ridiculous around here, so we’re going to highlight our Top 10 shooting gear finds of SHOT Show 2013.

Here goes:

 Trijicon 300 AAC Blackout ACOG
Trijicon 300 AAC Blackout ACOG Optic. This is cool, cool, cool. We’ve a got a 300 Blackout rifle coming in for testing and can’t wait to spend more time with this optic. We shot it at the Media Day event and loved our first experience. The neat thing about this optic is the graduated reticle. It’s got normal elevation hashmarks calibrated for supersonic 300 AAC Blackout loads out to 600 yards. It also has indicators for subsonic rounds. Just zero the optic with supersonic ammo and everything falls into place. You’ll also notice the scope is slimmer than standard ACOG’s.
 Kestrel Meter 4500 Ballistic Bluetooth Nightvision Kestrel Meter with Horus ATRAG Ballistics Software. This is one cool device. You may be familiar with Kestrel’s pocket weather meters that provide instant data on humidity, temperature, wind, etc. This one adds a full ballistic computer to the mix. You can store multiple gun and load configurations with bullet type, ballistic coefficient, weight, and velocity. This information is combined with automatically collected atmospheric data to calculate a perfect long-range shooting solution. A new model is coming out soon with even more advanced ballistic software and load storage capabilities. Technology is cool.
 Black Rain Ordnance AK-47 Black Rain Ordnance AK-47. What’s the big deal about another AK-47? Look closely at the photo. This baby is a MILLED receiver, not a piece of metal stamped out like a Yugo fender. If memory serves, it’s going to be called the Freedom Fighter when it’s available in a couple of months. Oh, and we found out that one of Black Rain’s Pro Shooters, Sandra Orvig, lives virtually across the street from us. You’ll know a couple of other Black Rain Pro Shooters from Top Shot – the always energetic Gabby Franco and really huge guy Greg Littlejohn. This gun shot like a dream. Solid, heavy, and gentle. Fun!
 Tracking Point Laser Targeting System Tracking Point Networked Tracking Scope. Why yes, that is a laser targeting system on my .338 Lapua Magnum! I have no long-range shooting skill. Mainly because there’s no place nearby with a long-range facility. So when that crazy guy from Tracking Point asked me if I wanted to shoot a .338 Lapua Magnum at a steel gong 967 yards away in a freezing, howling wind, I thought he was a little nuts. With the Tracking Point, you simply lase the target with a red dot on the reticle using a button near the trigger. The system already knows your load ballistics and gathers atmospheric conditions for trajectory calculation. Once the target is lased, you can move the rifle around in an moderate-sized zone around the target center. Just press and hold the trigger and try to cover the laser indicator again. When your scope passes over the exact spot, the rifle fires automatically – you don’t have to hold on the target, just pass over it. A secondary benefit is there is no trigger flinch. You don’t know exactly when the gun will fire. And yes, I did hit the steel gong ⅔ of a mile out there on the first try. Through no fault of my own.
 NSSF First Shots Reception SHOT Show 2013 Crazy Fun People. Ok, so this isn’t actually a product, but most of our shooting industry friends are more or less products of insanity. That’s what makes the people so great and all of this so much fun. Here’s a photo from the First Shots reception, run by the NSSF’s always entertaining Tisma Juett. She’s coordinating First Shots events all across the country and getting thousands and thousands of people introduced to the shooting sports. You might recognize some of those wild and crazy huntresses from The Women’s Outdoor News, Stephanie from XS Sights, Kelle – the better half of Hot Caliber Jewelry, Team Archangel – tactical trainers extraordinaire, and @GlamGunGirl.
 Flashbang Eva Holster and others in the Pin Up Collection women's holsters Flashbang Eva Women’s Holster. A number of companies that are more dude-oriented are making hybrid holsters like the Galco King Tuk and CrossBreed. Lisa and Bart Looper have some up with a model just for the female form. The Eva has an exceptionally well made leather backing, gun-specific kydex shell, and best of all, a colorful suede backing. Fun and functional!
 Blackhawk AR Rail Thumb Shelf Blackhawk! Rail Mount Thumb Rest. Sometimes the simplest products are the most valuable. This is a nifty accessory for virtually any rifle with a forward side rail. The thumb shelf helps you achieve a perfectly consistent and firm grip with your support hand every time. Reversing it creates two different thumb shelf heights. A lower position is great for rifles with a vertical fore grip. The upper position is better if you don’t use one. You have to try it to believe the difference it makes.
 US Optics SR8 Rifle Scope U.S. Optics SR8. This is one gorgeous optic. It’s obviously built like a tank. It offers 1-8x zoom with a true 1X so at closer ranges it works like a red dot. It features two different ranging reticle options which are in the first focal plane so ranging is not affected by zoom level. It also offers a red dot in the second focal plane which can be turned on or off. The red dot features variable intensity controls. Or you can get a not-red dot as the optic is orderable with your choice of red, green or blue illumination. Can’t wait to spend some quality time with this one.
 SilencerCo Saker 5.56mm silencer SilencerCo 5.56mm Saker. This dedicated 5.56 / .223 silencer was just downright fun to shoot. Less blast, less noise, accurate, and light. What’s not to love? The neatest part of the Saker design is the MAAD, or Multiple Accessory Attachment Device. This simply means that the attachment mechanism is not proprietary. Which means you can mount this over other vendors flash hiders. The end cap is removable, so if you manage to blow the end off, you can simply replace the end cap and there is far less risk of damage to your suppressor.
 Slidefire 22 Stock Slidefire .22LR Stock System. Here’s a great way to clean out your local Wal-Mart’s supply of bulk .22LR ammunition. Last year, SlideFire introduced bump-fire stocks for AR-15 and AK-47 semi-automatic rifles. This year, they’ve managed to get the system to work on certain .22 rifles. Available soonish is a trigger set for the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22. The stock is the basic AR-15 stock. The lighter trigger set is required to make the SlideFire system work with the reduced recoil impulse of .22 ammunition. Soon, SlideFire will introduce a solution for the Ruger 10/22 platform. We shot the M&P 15-22 system at Media Day and it was a hoot! And affordable :-) Get one.

Swamp Thing: The Emergence – ZCORR Storage Bag Torture Test Results

A long time ago, in a swamp far, far away, we buried a ZCORR Zero Corrosion Products Vacuum Pistol Bag.

When we originally buried the ultimate survival kit, the water table was normal, and the bag and its contents were buried about 2 feet deep in damp swamp mud. Did we say swamp? Sorry, we mean scenic wetlands. Since that time, we’ve had a lot of rain, and when we went to recover the goods, we found that the water table had risen and the bag was fully immersed in water. For how long, we don’t really know.


Step one was to hose down the bag thoroughly before opening. We wanted to make sure that our box of macaroni and cheese did not get contaminated by swamp mud – assuming that it was still intact and dry.

When we went to open the storage bag, we were somewhat surprised to find the vacuum seal still well intact.

Here’s the status of our survival kit…


The gun frame held up perfectly. The frame is in process of being restored so it was bare metal with no protectant. Considering it’s been immersed in a swamp for months, the condition is excellent. No visible rust.

DSC_0011 - Version 2

Mmmm! Macaroni and cheese! We have not (yet) died of swamp poisoning. If this web site goes silent without notice, we may have to change our commentary on the ZCORR Vacuum bag…


Whew! We’re still able to play silly puzzle games with our rust-free Cracker Barrel wire puzzle.

Black Powder Pistol

Black powder pistol pellets? Crackle, bang, smoke!


The Zippo lighter still lights…


And the primers still prime…


And most importantly, when the world becomes one giant Mogadishu, we’ll still be able to publish My Gun Culture – at least on dry paper.


So what did we learn?

  1. Jason from ZCORR is NOT a liar! We really didn’t think he was, but he just sounded so darn confident and all.
  2. You can literally submerge stuff in a ZCORR Vacuum Storage Bag safely – at least for a couple of months.
  3. Submerging stuff in a swamp is a pretty ridiculous thing to do, but it sure was a fun way to test out these long term storage bags.
  4. We have not yet learned how many boxes of Macaroni and Cheese will fit in a larger rifle storage bag, but we’re working on that…

These storage bags are definitely a 4 Nun product!

You can buy ZCORR Storage Bags from Brownells: Vacuum Seal Storage Bags: Handgun Storage Bag

Review: Gargoyles Striker Protective Glasses – Safety with Style

Suggested Retail Price: $75.00 to $110.00

The Good
These are really crossover shooting glasses. They offer ballistic protection without looking like range gear.
The Bad
The fit is very close to my face and there can be a touch of fogging on hot and humid days.
The Ugly
We don’t look nearly as menacing as The Terminator wearing Gargoyles.
Our Rating
3 Nuns Three Nuns – Love the style, light weight, and comfort of these glasses, but the occasional fogging prevents a 4 nun rating.

First Impressions

There are shooting glasses and there are stylish sun glasses. And never the twain shall meet. Until now. What prompted us to check out the new line of Gargoyles Ballistic Defense sunglasses was the appeal of wearing our every day sunglasses to the range and still feeling confident that our eyes would be properly protected. Yep, we’re that lazy. Changing glasses eats into range time after all.

Toric Lenses

Boy did we get an education on optics at this years SHOT Show. And we learned that Gargoyles Eyewear founder Denis Burns invented the whole Toric thing back in 1979. Here’s the simple explanation from Wikipedia:

The greatest radius of curvature of the toric lens surface, R + r, corresponds to the smallest refractive power, S = (n – 1) / (R + r), where n is the index of refraction of the lens material. The smallest radius of curvature, r, corresponds to the greatest refractive power, s = (n – 1) / r. Since R + r > r, S < s. The lens behaves approximately like a combination of a spherical lens with optical power s and a cylindrical lens with power s – S. In ophthalmology and optometry s – S is called the cylinder power of the lens.

Got it? Good.

Toric Lenses for Dummies

In case you slept during your graduate level light refraction lab class, here’s a simpler explanation:

  1. You can see great through flat lenses – but they don’t protect the sides of your eyes.
  2. Bending a lens so that it covers your eye more completely makes stuff look funny.

Toric lenses play nifty tricks with thickness and shape of the lens so that, regardless of where light enters the lens (side, front, etc), it’s focused on your retina. And things don’t look funny like in those carnie houses of mirrors.

Got it? Good.

Ballistic Defense

Make no mistake: although light, comfortable, and downright sexy, these are shooting sports appropriate glasses. They’re rated as 5 to 6 times stronger in terms of impact resistance than regular polycarbonate lenses. And they exceed ISO and ANSI test standards. So leave your regular glasses in the car, and don these on the way to the range.

Subjective Stuff

The big standout feature of these glasses is comfort. They are light, light, light. Even lighter than Perez Hilton’s loafers. The other thing that stands out is the rubberized texture at the back of the frames (see photo.) This helps the Gargoyles Strikers stay put during strenuous activity like IDPA, Steel Challenge, cycling, or extreme beach sitting.

The Striker can be ordered with a variety of lens types. The green lens is optimized for outdoor activities and we will be looking at this lens type in an upcoming review of a different model. Also available is Copper. Our set came with Smoke Polarized lenses. While polarized lenses are not ideal for shotgun sports, we find them just fine for rifle and pistol shooting where targets are stationary. By the way, Gargoyes offer 100% UV protection.

The clarity of the Gargoyles Striker with the Smoke Polarized lenses is fantastic. We had no complaints about optical quality and the peripheral vision was phenomenal.

We’ve got three more pairs of Gargoyles being featured in upcoming reviews – stay tuned.

Available here: Gargoyles Striker Sunglasses

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Holster Review: Blade-Tech Looper Gun Belt (An ‘almost year’ of abuse in the rainforest)

Blade Tech and Looper gun belts are a Kydex and Leather sandwich

Blade Tech and Looper gun belts are a Kydex and Leather sandwich

About 10 months ago at SHOT Show 2011, I happened to stop by the Blade-Tech booth. Mainly because they had boatloads of really cool stuff on display. Holsters, magazine carriers, flashlight holsters, Taser holsters, and a whole assortment of tactical things designed to carry other tactical things safely and securely.

After discussing a Sting Ray Belt holster (which is IDPA approved) for a Beretta PX4 which is near and dear to my heart, I happened to notice a retail display of leather gun belts – and I was in need. You see, living in South Carolina, where steam is infused into the atmosphere nine months out of the year by massive Solyndra photo-electic humidity generators, leather belts tends to get bendy and mushy. By the way, while ‘bendy’ and ‘mushy’ are desirable features for the beer belly crowd, these are not welcome features for a belt designed to support a couple of pounds of gun, ammo, and holster.

So I asked what was so special about the Blade-Tech Looper Gun Belts on display. Turns out that this belt is really not a belt, but more like a kydex sandwich. While not particularly appetizing, it is functional – especially with extra mayo. The inner kydex lining is covered on both sides by sturdy leather. This combination results in a belt that won’t flex, bend, or stretch over time – kind of like a competition speed shooting belt that you can wear with business casual attire. You can wear it to the office or fight virtual combat battles against the clock!

The Blade-Tech folks working the booth made it very clear to me that this belt was not built for comfort, but for utility. While I don’t remember the exact words, the conversation went something like this:

Me: “So this belt seems really rigid. Will it stay that way? What will happen after a few gallons of sweat and a daily treatment of superheated South Carolina steam?”

Blade-Tech Marketing Person: “It will stay that way. This belt will not break in. It is NOT going to get soft over time.”

Me: “Awesome. All my other gun belts went south of al-dente months after I got them.”

Blade-Tech Marketing Person: “No I don’t think you understand. This belt will not get softer. It’s going to be like this forever. You realize that right?”

Me: “Yup. Exactly what I’m looking for.”

Blade-Tech Marketing Person: “OK, fine. As long as you realize that this belt won’t break in like a normal belt. It’s going to stay rigid like this. Are you sure you’re OK with that?”

After their unnecessarily apologetic disclaimer, I talked the marketing person into selling me both black and brown belts off the trade show floor.

The Looper belt uses a cowhide leather covering over the kydex interior support. The belts use a sturdy brass buckle with the brown belt version showing a raw brass finish and the black belt version featuring a silver plate over the brass for a sporty black / silver color combination. Belts are available in two widths to match most standard holster loop sizes: 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches. I opted for the 1.5 inch version as these belts were to be used with business casual attire and inside the waistband holsters. The 1.75 inch belts would make great options for outside the waistband carry.

I’ve been wearing one of the two belts in our lowcountry rain forest daily for the past 300+ days – toting either a Glock 32, Beretta PX4 full size in .40 Smith & Wesson, or Beretta 92. No featherweights for sure. I’ve also used the brown one as a double duty competition belt for IDPA and Steel Challenge with outside the waistband holster setups and lots of spare mag pouches mounted on the opposite side. Results? A little normal scuffing where I‘ve mounted holsters and that’s it. Both belts are as rigid as they day I bought them.

The Blade-Tech folks were right. It’s still not broken in. And that’s good.

Read about more carry styles and over 120 different gun holsters in The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters – available at! Learn more about our Insanely Practical Guides!

Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters