What Has More Energy? A 3 ½” 12 Gauge Buckshot Load or a Throat Punch By Mike Tyson?

American Standard Cartridges - The Cartridge Comparison Guide

Find out with the Cartridge Comparison Guide, Second Edition I now have all the answers. Not because I’m some sort of genius, but because I met the guy who HAS found all the answers at this year’s Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) Conference. His name is Andrew and he created the Cartridge Comparison Guide, now […]

Shooting Tip of the Day: Is That A Laser In Your Pocket?

Shooting Tip of the Day

Are you a neon pants packer? Have you ever seen one in public? If you do happen to see someone cruising around with a steady or intermittent glow emanating from their pants pocket area, it means one of two things: They have a really, really, really serious urinary tract infection. The laser on their concealed pistol […]

8 Shooting Tips: How Not To Look Like An Amateur Shooter

How not to grip a gun - the teacup or cup and saucer handgun grip

Even if you’re new to shooting, you may have heard names like Julie Golob, Rob Leatham, Sara Ahrens, Iain Harrison, and Tori Nonaka. Whether you know them from the competitive circuit, see them on shows like Top Shot, or your obsessive shooting sports fan neighbor just can’t stop rattling off stats about them, one thing is clear. They have a […]

Book Review: Shoot! Your Guide to Shooting and Competition by Julie Golob


Three guesses as to who wrote this book. Here are a few hints: She roasts her own coffee. We’re still waiting for her to send us some of her famous “Powder Burn in Major Power Factor” roast… Rumor has it that she uses a fembot body double to help master her busy schedule She has […]

Rockin’ Video Preview: Galco Ankle Holsters

Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 1.32.59 PM

We’re doing an exhaustive torture test of three Galco ankle holster products: Galco Ankle Glove Galco Ankle Lite Galco Ankle Glove Calf Strap While that’s going on, we thought we’d post a quick video preview set to a hoppin’ Elvis theme song. This video will: Prevent you from making a fool of yourself when you […]

Gun Review: Glock 17 Generation 4 9mm Full Size Pistol

The Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm full size pistol

Approximate Street Price: $549.00 www.teamglock.com The Good The Bad The Ugly Our Rating The new grip texture is exceptionally effective. We really like it! We found the ejection pattern to be a little wonky and erratic with most types of ammunition. The VPC, CSGV and Brady folks still can’t claim that Glocks can pass through […]

Gun Word of the Day: Pill

Gun Word Of The Day

Pill [pil] – noun 1. A small globular or rounded mass of medicinal substance, usually covered with a hard coating, that is swallowed whole. 2. Term used in place of ‘projectile’ or ‘bullet’ by some gun writers who have either written too many similar articles and run out of unique ways to express themselves, and/or aging males […]