Long Range Made Easy with Nikon’s ProStaff 5 Custom XR

This custom Nikon ProStaff XR Turret is set for 350 yards using my personal .257 Weatherby Magnum hand load. I haven't yet adjusted the parallax for the correct yardage.

Making long-range shots is part math, part skill, and part VooDoo. The math part is very predictable, and only somewhat complicated, thanks to the advent of ballistic software you can get online, in devices like Kestrel Weather Meters, and on smartphones. The software does the hard work and negates the need for you to whip […]

1,000 Yards with a Smith & Wesson M&P 10?

Will this stock Smith & Wesson M&P 10 .308 shoot consistently at 1,000 yards?

Can You Shoot 1,000 Yards with an AR-10? Well, can you? Conventional wisdom says no. After all, AR’s are semi-automatic designs, with hot burning gas of doom smothering all the important parts like gravy over Cracker Barrel’s Chicken Fried Chicken. Heck, the upper and lower receivers are stuck together with simple push pins. AR-type rifles can’t […]

Savage Expands Ready to Shoot Line with Two New Rimfire Rifles

Savage Rimfire Package rifles

Now that rimfire ammunition is starting to appear on the shelves again, it’s a good time to look at new .22 rifles. Just landing in my inbox is an announcement from Savage Arms about two new rimfire package rifles. By “package” I mean ready to shoot, complete with optics. It can’t get simpler than that. Also […]

The Making of a Timney Custom Trigger

If you want to get maximum accuracy from your rifle, check out a Timney Trigger upgrade.

If you’re in the business of eking every last bit of performance out of an already fine-tuned product, you have to have a relentless, bordering on obsessive, sense of attention to detail. Looking at the factory floor of Timney Triggers, the compulsive behavior quickly becomes apparent. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “you could eat […]

This Goofy Gun: The Winchester 9410

No, the goofball who took this photo was not high on black powder residue. Why, that's a Winchester 9410 lever-action shotgun!

Today’s pop quiz! What do the following have in common? Ben Cartwright John Moses Browning Saiga-12 Auto Shotguns Give up? It’s the Winchester 9410 lever-action shotgun! Admittedly, the Cartwright clan had access to guns from the future, as they shot an awful lot of Winchester 1892’s, which is only two different than the 1894 design […]

Anatomy of a Stage at the Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational

This is how the stage looks in the dark. You can easily see the need for lights and lasers!

I just finished shooting and covering the Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational in the high desert miles and miles from Bend, Oregon. It was an enlightening experience, and I’ll write about that in my weekly column on OutdoorHub.com. Shooting at night was also ridiculously fun. More fun than should be legal, perhaps. To give […]

Blackhawk! AR-15 Vertical Grip: For Stability, Tactical Lights & Low Heat


Adding The Blackhawk! Rail Mount Vertical Grip Moving right along with the Blackhawk! custom AR-15 project… This time, I’m going to try out a complimentary accessory to the Blackhawk! Rail Mount Thumb Rest I installed last episode. The thumb rest can operate on its own to help grip, control and consistent hand placement. It also […]

Scope Review: Hawke Optics 1×32 Multi-Purpose Scope


The Hawke Optics 1×32 Multi Purpose Scope plays well with others Somewhat like Captain Jack Sparrow, the Hawke Optics 1×32 Multi-Purpose scope easily adapts to all sorts of situations. Originally designed as a crossbow optic, people quickly realized that it was fit for more combustible applications. As I’ll show in more detail, it has 3 easy-to […]

How To Add Night Sights To The M1A or M14 Rifle, And Other Rifleman Jazz

Smith Enterprise Tritium Close Combat Sight for M1A and M14 Rifles

The Smith Enterprise Tritium Close Combat Sight (TCCS) Recently I had a Springfield Armory M1A in for evaluation. Somehow, this military classic (civilian semi-automatic version of the M14) just insists that you use iron sights. Why? Got me. But I’ve waffled more on the scope / iron sights decision more than Eric Holder in his […]