Single-Action Handguns: Not Much To Do With Chance Laundromat Encounters

A pair of single-action handguns

Here’s an excerpt from our brand new book, The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition. It’s the second in the Insanely Practical Guide Series… Single-action is a pretty simple concept. And it has nothing to do with online dating sites, chance encounters at the laundromat or a night on the town with two […]

Ammo Test: Winchester PDX1 Defender .38 Special +P 130 Grain

Winchester's PDX1 Defender .38 Special +P self-defense load.

When I lug my ammunition testing setup to the range, I get more strange looks than Michael Bloomberg lactating at a Mayors Against Legal Governing (MALG) press conference. That’s because I bring a couple of now-perforated trash cans full of soaking wet newspaper, some old boots and a bunch of discarded clothing. Shooting into water […]

Insanely Practical Shooting Tips: Dry Firing – It’s Not As Dirty As It Sounds

Dry Fire target idea

Here’s an excerpt from our newest book, releasing June 15, 2013 – The Insanely Practical Guide to Guns and Shooting. Like The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters, now available at, it’s a direct, practical and amusing way to learn. We hope you find a useful tip or two about improving your shooting skills […]

Holster Review: Pretty Dangerous Accessories Ladies Gun Holster

Pretty Dangerous Accessories Holster with Springfield Armory EMP 9mm

Shhh. It’s our secret… That’s the very appropriate tagline advertised by Pretty Dangerous Accessories. While Pretty Dangerous Accessories offers innovative jewelry designs and clothing for shooting women, we elected to take a look at their holster line. We had to solicit the skills of our female staff for this assignment because, well, let’s face it, men […]

8 Shooting Tips: How Not To Look Like An Amateur Shooter

How not to grip a gun - the teacup or cup and saucer handgun grip

Even if you’re new to shooting, you may have heard names like Julie Golob, Rob Leatham, Sara Ahrens, Iain Harrison, and Tori Nonaka. Whether you know them from the competitive circuit, see them on shows like Top Shot, or your obsessive shooting sports fan neighbor just can’t stop rattling off stats about them, one thing is clear. They have a […]

Holster Review: Blackhawk Leather Speed Classic Holster

Blackhawk! Leather Speed Classic Snubnose Revolver Holster

Sometimes the simplest things can amaze. The Blackhawk Leather Speed Classic holster amazes. Not for one specific reason, but because the sum total collection of details make this holster work. The Blackhawk Leather Speed Classic Revolver Holster demonstrates outstanding concealability, excellent retention, fast draw time, and surprising comfort. Inspired by the famous Berns Martin design, […]

Gun Review: Ruger New Model Single-Six Convertible Revolver

Roy Rogers

The Good This is too much fun to be legal. Great for first time shooters! The Bad Upsets the neighbors when I shoot hundreds of Super Colibri’s in my garage. Upsets rats also. The Ugly I have spontaneous and uncontrollable urges to sing Roy Rogers songs like Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo Our Rating Four Nuns! Ruger New […]

North American Arms Introduces Nano Pinky Revolver


Provo, UT – In a move designed to preempt the onslaught of SHOT show announcements planned for the industry’s main event in January, North American Arms today announced its new Nano Pinky Revolver. Described by early customers as ‘teensy-weensy’ the new revolver is gaining accolades for its diminutive size. Designed for maximum concealment, the Nano […]

RHINO .357 Revolver Caucuses With Autoloading Pistols

Chiappa Firearms RHINO .357 Magnum Revolver

Industry insiders appeared stunned today when Chiappa Firearms new RHINO .357 Magnum revolver announced its intention to caucus with autoloading pistols rather than traditional revolvers. “We feel shocked” said an obviously stunned Smith & Wesson Classic Model 42. “When you’ve been around as long as I have you get to expect that the incoming class […]