New Book! The Rookie’s Guide to the Springfield Amory XD-S

Hot off the press! The Rookie's Guide to the Springfield Armory XD-S

If you own a Springfield Armory XD-S, or are thinking about buying one, then this book is for you! In insanely practical fashion, we cover everything you need to know about the Springfield Amory XD-S pocket pistol family. Whether 9mm, .45 CP or the new 4.0 model – we show you how to safely use, […]

Some Pocket Carry Options: The Galco Pocket Protector Holster and PMC Magazine Carrier

A pair of pocket carry options from Galco.

Galco makes some handy pocket holster for pocket guns like the Springfield Armory XD-S. It’s a rough side out leather design, which helps keep the holster in your pocket when you draw. There is also a leather “hook” cut into the top of the stabilizing panel which is intended to catch on the inside of […]

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket? Or Are You Some Kind Of Recluse?

A pair or Springfield Armory XD-S pistols with Recluse holsters. The one on the left is designed for larger cargo style pockets.

There are lot’s of pocket holsters on the market, but what I really like about the Recluse Holster design is that it completely hides the profile of your gun. I mean completely – it hides a gun even better than the White House has been hiding Benghazi witnesses – and that’s saying something. The large, […]

About Derringers: Pocket Guns, Sloopy and Hoochie Koo

Bond Arms Derringer Barrels

Even though the word “derringer” sounds French, it still manages to sound tough doesn’t it? Technically, a derringer is a pocket pistol, and for any given caliber, it’s about as small a gun as you can get. Derringers typically are not repeating firearms as the mechanism to support a repeating action would make the gun […]

Gun Review: Ruger LCP .380 Auto – Le Canon Petit

Ruger LCR .380 Auto with ammunition

Approximate Street Price: ~ $290.00 The Good The Bad The Ugly Our Rating The standout feature of the LCP was its fit and contour. until you shoot it, you don’t appreciate the importance of smooth finish and curves in all the right places. It’s comfortable to shoot for a pocket gun. Our only gripe […]