I’m A (Drunk) Security Officer!


Several days ago, the My Gun Culture team was at an undisclosed outdoor range doing some testing for our Will It Expand series. It was a quiet day with a family with kids and a couple of friends at the other end of the shooting line. While quietly going out our important business of shooting […]

Ammo Menus, Ammo Girls, and Ammo Guys

LuckyGunner.com Ammo Menu

Much has been made of the whole ammo menu concept at the recent Luckygunner.com Blogger Shoot. Most people, myself included, thought it was a stroke of pure and luxurious brilliance. Print up a menu of available ammunition, take copies up and down the firing line, get people to place orders, and have ammo delivered right […]

The 1911 Pistol: 100 Years of Wild and Crazy Innovation…

US Army officer training with 1911 pistol in France circa 1918 (image: FortDouglas.org)

Since the 100 year anniversary of the adoption of the John Browning 1911 pistol design took place on March 29, 2011, we figure it’s about time that we write something about this historic event. 2 weeks late? That’s pretty much defines our style here at My Gun Culture. Our culture is mellow after all. Being […]