President’s Gun Control Order Will Reduce Street Crime

New Gun Control Executive Orders to eliminate corporate jackings. Photo:

The shooting community was stunned by two Executive Orders from the Obama administration earlier this week. One of the proclamations effectively closes a secret loophole commonly used by street thugs, gang members, and the Reverend Al Sharpton. Under current law, legally formed corporations and trust officers are able to purchase restricted firearms such as short-barreled […]

Announcement on whether 2010 is Bush’s fault delayed

President George W Bush

White House spokesperson Charlie Gibbs announced today that a decision on whether 2010 is former President George W. Bush’s fault will be delayed, most likely until the end of the coming year. “The President will be requesting weekly reports from top administration advisers to determine whether 2010 represents a ‘systemic failure’ or not. While we’re […]

Obama’s TelePrompTer Spotted at Shooting Range

President Obama's TelePrompTer at Shooting Range

Members of a Charleston area shooting range encountered an unexpected sight last weekend when what appeared to be a TelePrompter was seen shooting handguns and various semi-automatic rifles. Nearby shooters became suspicious when they overheard the TelePrompter saying “Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” Upon hearing this and other obvious movie lines from […]

Obama Offers Historic Pistol to British Prime Minister Brown


In a White House ceremony today, President Obama offered a historic gift to visiting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The rare pistol, known as a “We don’t like you anymore” Special , was the first of it’s kind ever presented to a visiting dignitary. Brown graciously accepted the gift, even going so far as to […]

Black helicopter conspiracies…

Black Helicopter Conspiracy

The government is out to get me. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean it isn’t true.
I hear it starts with censorship and then more drastic things happen, like wedgie boarding. I found out today that my blog feed has not been working for a while. For a split second I thought I might have screwed up some HTML tags or done something else stupid technically. Then I realized that’s impossible. I know how to operate Microsoft Word, Adobe Elements, and The Clapper after all.

Obama Makes Unscheduled Stop At Colorado Gun Store

Shopping with the President can help

Creede, Colorado – Today, President Obama made a brief detour from his Town Hall stump tour to visit a small Colorado gun store. The President seemed downright giddy upon exiting Marine One outside locally owned Zeke’s Gun and Pawn Shop in Creede, Colorado. When asked about the unscheduled stop, the President replied “I, ah, keep […]

Is the ink on the ballots dry yet?

Boy that didn’t take long! President-elect Obama is already backpedaling on campaign statements regarding Second Amendment rights. Of course, no one is really surprised by this, but the sheer audacity of doing so, in writing, on his site before the final votes were counted is somewhat incredible. I just ran across an article on […]