Gun Word of the Day: Dry Fire


Dry Fire [drahy] [fahyuhr] – verb-ish 1. The act of going through the complete sequence of events to fire a gun, but without use of ammunition. Dry fire is a practice technique where the gun is cocked, aimed at a safe practice target and backstop, and trigger pulled. The guns striker or hammer falls on an […]

Book Review: Shoot! Your Guide to Shooting and Competition by Julie Golob


Three guesses as to who wrote this book. Here are a few hints: She roasts her own coffee. We’re still waiting for her to send us some of her famous “Powder Burn in Major Power Factor” roast… Rumor has it that she uses a fembot body double to help master her busy schedule She has […]

Gun Review: Glock 17 Generation 4 9mm Full Size Pistol

The Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm full size pistol

Approximate Street Price: $549.00 The Good The Bad The Ugly Our Rating The new grip texture is exceptionally effective. We really like it! We found the ejection pattern to be a little wonky and erratic with most types of ammunition. The VPC, CSGV and Brady folks still can’t claim that Glocks can pass through […]

Whirling Fan Blades of Death

My Certified Shooting Instructor

Don’t believe everything you hear. Even if it’s in a gun shop. Even if you hear it from a “Certified Instructor.” Over the course of many years of shooting, I’ve learned that the following groups all claim to be Certified Shooting Instructors: All members of the National Rifle Association All shooters who claim to be […]

About A Gal Who Shoots .30 Cal

Anette Wachter - .30 Cal Gal with her Jim Cloward Special

Today we’re taking a look at a different facet of the shooting sports – high-power, long-range rifle competition. While our crack investigative team was surfing the internetz, we ran across .30 Cal Gal, known in civilian circles as Anette Wachter. Anette seems to think that it’s humanly possible to shoot at targets up to 1,000 […]

Shoot Like A Girl! I Dare You!

Team Glock - Randi Rogers

Girls are taking over the shooting sports… And that’s a great thing. This year especially has been remarkable in the sheer number of shooting companies, products, events, activities, and perspectives geared towards women. What’s most impressive though, is that most of this activity has been initiated not just for women, but by women. Today’s case in […]