Lemon Grenades

Lemon Grenades:


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Updated: Car for Sale – Priced to Sell!

Car For Sale - Priced to Sell

Car For Sale - Priced to Sell

For sale and priced to sell! One slightly used car. Make and model not exactly distinguishable. Good condition. It has had a minor altercation with 4 Civil War cannons, a German PAK 38 field artillery piece, and several dozen machine guns. Also had a minor fender bender with a Stuart tank.

Damage is mostly cosmetic and should clear right up with a little buffing compound.

Price is negotiable. Call soon as this baby will fly off the lot!



Update: There was a minor incident with the car today when it exploded and caught on fire. We’re thinking of reducing the price just a tad to compensate. Of course we’ll include any melted parts…

Light smoke damage - easily repairable

Light smoke damage - easily repairable

Molten engine block will be dug up and included. No worries!

Molten engine block will be dug up and included. No worries!

Where the magic happens…

There’s been a flurry of posts from other gun bloggers in response to an inquiry launched by Romeo Tango Bravo and my mysterious web buddy at GunMart. And no, it’s not a bro-mance. We’re just friends, although we’ve never met.

The basic question was, “where do you do your gun blogging from and what environment drives all those creative and radical posts?

Some of the other bloggers office environments that I’ve seen include:

I’ve stayed out of this contest mainly because I didn’t want to stir up a lot of envy among the Gun Blogger community. You see, I like to live the moment when I’m writing, so I do most of my work from my M16 Half Track. It’s open and spacious, and has plenty of guns.

My Gun Blogging Office

My Gun Blogging Office

Sometimes though, I get the writers block thing and have to move to my alternate digs. Usually I like to stand in the turret of my Sherman tank. It makes me feel invincible in my writing.

My Backup Gun Blogging Office - Remember, 2 is 1, and 1 is none.

My Backup Gun Blogging Office - Remember, 2 is 1, and 1 is none.

I would like to thank my new buddy David from the Historical Cadet Corps for lending me office space. David is my new best friend mainly cause he’s a nice guy (of course), but also because he has an M16 Half Track for us to play with.

David - Historical Cadet Corps with his most awesome toy!

David - Historical Cadet Corps with his most awesome toy!


Fantasy Guns: One can dream…


Experience the awesomeness!

I’m not quite sure what it is, or what it does, but I can smell pure awesomeness through my computer.

Check out Fantasy Props for more guns, knives, and other weapons of fantastical destruction.

Assault Paper (Gun)

Assault Paper Gun

Assault Paper Gun

From HuntingLodge.no comes the paper AK-47 kit. According to Hunting Lodge, designer Martin Postler has “freed the AK-47 from its terrible capacity to injure and kill by deconstructing it into a paper model construction set.”

We’re still trying to figure out if it took more than 10 pages to make this, thereby rendering it illegal in Kalifornia. Those in gun-rights challenged states can always opt for the Ruger Light Origami Pistol (LOP)


Who is Amos Humiston? Find out on the History Channel – Monday May 30th

70 Year Old Fighter - John Burns

70 Year Old Fighter - John Burns

We love stories.

When The History Channel contacted us recently about a new film airing Memorial Day weekend, we had to know more. Gettysburg, produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, who collectively own approximately 63% of Hollywood from successful previous ventures including Top Gun, Gladiator, American Gangster, and Black Hawk Down to name a few, is an up close and personal look at one of the most famous battles in history.

Unlike other historical accounts, Gettysburg portrays the three-day battle from a front-line, and very raw perspective. Among other turns and twists, we’ll get to know…

Rufus Dawes – The 24 year old leader of an all volunteer unit from Wisconsin, part of the legendary Iron Brigade, a workhorse of Lincoln’s army

Joe Davis – Nephew to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, whose first field command was at Gettysburg

Ridgeley Howard – A  33 year old Confederate private from Baltimore, whose grandfather fought side by side with George Washington and who now battles against his Maryland neighbors


Amos Humiston – A New York soldier, whose dead body was found with just one clue to his identity—a picture of his family, clutched in his hands.

Tune in! Monday May 30, 9pm EST / 8pm Central.

Check back here for a History Channel Trivia Contest a little later in the week. Thanks to our friends at The History Channel we’ll have some fun prizes to give away!

40mm Machine Gun vs. Mannequin

Another educational installment from a ‘professional’ Russian. Watch til the end to see how the manequin fares against a 40mm shell…

What $20 Will Buy You…

In this harsh and unforgiving economy, it’s more important than ever to watch the pennies. As a public service, we’ve decided to offer some ideas on what 20 bucks can get you.

  • (2) Tickets to see a movie. Like Black Swan – A Tactical Ballet Story
  • (83) rounds of Winchester White Box 9mm ammo from the local Wal-Mart
  • (2) Large and (2) Mini ShamWows, plus, if you order now, get a Second Set FREE, plus a FREE Bonus, ANDShamWow Mop!


You can shoot this:


Napoleon 12 Pound Field Howitzer


At this:


(Nothing personal Jay G., you just had the best Mini van picture I could find) Img: stuckinmassachusetts.blogspot.com


Apparently I’m going to be able to do exactly that at the LuckyGunner.com blogger shooting event this weekend.

Now that’s bang for the buck.

Armed Forces Day

Military Honor

Armed Forces Day

According to the Department of Defense,

“President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish a single holiday for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country.”

We’re taking a quick break from the fun and satire to remember and thank all members of our Armed Forces, past and present.

We think this image sums things up nicely.

Movie Review: Black Swan

Black Swan Poster

Black Swan - The Tactical Movie

This is a first for us. Movie reviews. But since a movie called Black Swan just had to be about something tactical or military, I agreed with ‘her’ that we would rent it and post a review.

He said She said
When ‘she’ said she wanted to watch Black Swan, I was like, awesome! A movie about the Crni Labudovi? 800 brave Bosnian Special Forces soldiers. Reputation for battlefield bravery. Led by “Kapetan Labud” or Captain Swan “en anglais.” How awesome is my wife, wanting to watch a movie about the special forces unit in the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Eat my dust other guys out there. You wish you were me. Admit it – it sucks to be you.
Yeah honey, that’s ‘more or less‘ what its about, so let’s watch it tonight. 

(Ha! He’s so gullible.)

You know, I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m not so sure it’s about the Crni Labudovi. It could be. Ummm, perhaps…

No problem. Got it. I always wanted to know the story of the HMS Black Swan and it’s role in defending Norway in WWII. I’m part Norwegian you know.
Sure. Just watch and let it be a surprise! Doesn’t that sound fun

I’m not positive, but I don’t remember too much about ships in the previews…

Well, it absolutely must be about Team BlackSwan E-TAC (Elite Tactical Assault Company) which, as everyone already knows, is a high-performance paintball team based out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It is about them right? Right?
Remember, movies are always better when the plot’s a surprise!
That wasn’t quite what I expected.
The dance choreography beautifully complemented Natalie Portman’s stellar performance. The psychological intrigue and constantly twisting plot were fully realized in a redemptively tragic ending. I was moved. A well deserved Oscar for Natalie!

Honey I’ve got a great chick-flick for our next movie night. It’s called Full Metal Jacket. I think it’s about the newest fashion rage on the Parris runways (and obstacle courses…)

Ummm. I’m not falling for that. Nice try though.

Who in their right mind would think that Black Swan was about psycho-ballerinas? OK, so maybe the concept of a highly-classified anti-terrorist team traveling the world under cover as a ballet company is a little far-fetched. That would make a great movie idea though…


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