It’s Time To Stop ‘Thinking’ About Gun Control

Gun Control in the mainstream mediaIt’s time to stop thinking. About what might happen with or without new gun control measures.

The 24 hours news digital sphincter spasm continues to slather us all with lots and lots of thoughtless thinking and careless conjecture. Think what might happen if… I think… Most Americans think… I think I’ll have another beer… What is the NRA thinking… The United Nations thinks… I think Dancing with the Stars is on tonight… Most of our representatives in Washington think… No wait, I think we ought to scratch that last one. Most of our representatives do not think much past the next “So You Think You Can Smile!” audition.

Why are we still thinking about things?

I think there’s no place for guns in schools!

  • We know that Utah allows guns in schools.
  • We know that Utah is still waiting on its first mass school shooting.
  • We know that over 200 colleges and universities already allow lawful concealed carry on campus.
  • We know that none of those institutions have suffered catastrophic attacks like the ones in Newtown, Columbine, or Virginia Tech.
  • We know that all mass shooting incidents in the past 50 years, except one, have happened in areas where guns are not allowed.

I think it’s a bad idea to arm teachers!

  • We know we don’t want to force all teachers to be armed. We simply want those who choose to defend themselves and their students not to lose that fundamental right when they enter school property.
  • We know that Israel has had some percentage of armed teachers since 1974.
  • We know that most Israeli schools have armed security.
  • We know that is has kept their students safer in perhaps one of the most dangerous neighborhoods on planet earth.
  • We know that attacks on Israeli schools have been attempted by trained terrorists, not cowards that almost always end their own life as soon as they are challenged.
  • We know that challenging these cowards immediately almost always stops them immediately.

I think we shouldn’t have to live in a world where people have to have guns.

  • We know that we do in fact live in a world like that.
  • We know that there are sick and evil people out there.
  • We know because we hear about them on the news every single day.
  • We know they continue to do evil things regardless of laws.
  • We know that the very definition of “criminal” is one who breaks laws.
  • We know that burying our heads in the sand and hoping things will be better because they should be will not save one single life.

I think that some sort of gun ban is a good idea.

  • We know the last one didn’t lower crime at all.
  • We know that crime didn’t increase when it expired.
  • We know that there is not one example of gun control policy lowering violent crime.
  • We know that the most recent countries to implement drastic gun control have suffered serious increases in violent crime.
  • We know that women are 2 times more likely to be raped in the UK than in the US.
  • We know that women in Australia are 3 times more likely to be raped than women in the US.
  • We know that total murders in the UK have increased since the gun ban took effect in January 1997.
  • We know that in only 1 year have there been fewer murders in the UK after the handgun ban than before the handgun ban.
  • We know that the UK has a violent crime rate 3.5 times greater than that of the US.
  • We know that folks in the UK are having serious discussion about banning kitchen knives because the guns bans have not reduced crime.
  • We know that banning kitchen knives will make English food even worse.
  • We know that one definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again, but hoping for a different result.

I think magazines ought to be limited to 5 rounds.

  • We know that law enforcement officers, military personnel, and citizen survivors of gunfights have found that hyped-up bad guys don’t necessarily feel compelled to stop doing what they’re doing after 5 shots have been fired towards them.
  • We know bad guys doing bad things don’t travel alone.
  • We know more and more bad guys are wearing body armor to protect themselves against unarmed or lightly armed victims.
  • I know that if my home is invaded in the middle of the night that I will want a 2,530,371 round magazine handy. And a couple of spares.
  • We know that our soldiers have complained that actual Assault Rifles don’t have enough power to reliably stop enemy combatants.
  • We know that limiting magazines to some arbitrary capacity based on perceived need is about the stupidest suggestion ever.

I think we need to address gun violence!

  • We know we need to address violence. Not gun violence. Violence.
  • We know we are not somehow better off or morally superior if we are killed with a knife, bat, or fist as compared to a gun.
  • We know we are equally dead no matter what the cause.
  • We know that the term “gun violence” is a deliberate attempt to misrepresent and mislead from the very real, and hard to solve, issues of societal evil.
  • We know that violence is a difficult thing to solve so people tend to want to take shortcuts in order to consider things “fixed.”

I think you’re crazy if you think more guns is the answer to violence!

  • We know that record numbers of Americans are buying guns for protection.
  • We know that there are almost 300 million guns in the United States.
  • We know that violent crime, measured by the FBI as incidents per 100,000 people, has fallen 50% in the past 20 years.
  • We know that murder, measured by the FBI as incidents per 100,000 people, has fallen 54% over the past 20 years.
  • We know that these massive and steady decreases in crime have happened while more and more Americans are buying guns.
  • We know that simply blaming guns is deliberate shirking from the harder problem of addressing the real causes of crime.

I don’t think anyone needs a high-powered Assault Weapon!

  • We know that there is no such thing as an assault weapon.
  • We know that if you ask an “assault weapon ban” proponent what an “assault weapon” is, that they will not be able to tell you.
  • We know, again according to the FBI, that many times more murders are committed with simple beatings than rifles of any kind.
  • We know that banning mythical “assault weapons” will not stop murders by beating.
  • We know that banning mythical “assault weapons” will not save lives. The largest mass murders ever had nothing to do with mythical “assault weapons.” People do bad things with or without mythical “assault weapons.”

I think armed citizens are going to act like vigilantes and cause even more harm!

  • We know that lawfully armed citizens are among the most law-abiding groups of people measurable.
  • We know that the crime rate for concealed carry permit holders is 14 times less than that of the general population.
  • We know that lawfully armed citizens are 5 times less likely to commit a violent crime than the average citizen.

I think I have an irrational fear of guns and want a simple and immediate fix to the problems of violence.

  • We know. We want to continue to reduce violence also.
  • We know there is no simple fix.
  • We know that we don’t fear guns. They’re just tools that protect someone from crime and/or violence between 1 and 2.5 million times per year – just in the US.
  • We know that we kind of like the direction of the crime trend over the past 20 years and want to continue that. We just want to be smart about how we do it.

It’s time to stop thinking about what might happen.

It’s time to know what does happen. 

P.S. I know I’m going to vomit if I hear one more talking head tell me what they think without considering what we already know.

Half-Cocked: White House Announces New Security Measures

White House enhances security with gun free zone

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Concealed Carry Begins in Wisconsin

The UN Small Arms Treaty Exposed on Facebook

Our tenacious reporters have recently uncovered the following conversation on Facebook. Finally, the truth revealed…

The UN Small Arms Treaty - The Real Truth

The UN Small Arms Treaty - The Real Truth

Operation Fast and Furious – The Facebook Version

BATFE Operation Fast and Furious The Facebook Version

BATFE Operation Fast and Furious The Facebook Version

This is pretty much how it went down.
More funny stuff at the My Gun Culture Store…

Taxation (and everything else) without Representation

What's the difference between a pimp and a lobbyist


When we last tuned in, I was ranting about how our friends in Washington  are tightening his belt, “friends” who view our economic catastrophe as an academic exercise and who have no skin in the game, other than to get re-elected and stay on the ol’ government gravy train.

Our system of elected representatives, three branches of government, and checks and balances was brilliant when conceived two hundred and thirty-five years ago.  And, it has generally worked well until the past couple of decades.

The traditional American system of representation is now broke, really broke!  Our elected representatives are no longer capable of executing the will of the people.  As we head toward a fifteen trillion, strike that, make it $15,000,000,000,0** (sorry, the “0” key on my keyboard just wore out) deficit, there are certain steps that fall into the “no-brainer” category to get fiscally on track:

Subsidies of all kinds must be eliminated.  Let the free market decide:  is ethanol a smart use of our corn crop; should we need incentives to purchase hybrid cars; and, is video taping San Antonio school kids eating lunch critical to our nation’s health?  Particularly galling are the multi billion $$$ Oil and Gas subsidies at a time when the industry is recording record profits.

The military calls the shots on defense spending!  When the military says they don’t need something, how in the world can they be over-ruled by a congressman or senator?  Vested interests, that’s why.  Can you imagine an antique dealer from Easton, Maryland getting elected to Congress (Wow, that’s a scary thought) and instantly being able to tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff what kind of missile system to purchase, from whom and for how much?

The “Untouchables” are going to be Touched.  Ok, the elephants in the room are social security, health care and pension benefits of all kinds.  Any rational human being knows that these programs require serious adjustment NOW, not in 2024 or some non-threatening future date.  I’m not smart enough to come up with a solution, but I’ll bet its some combination of benefit curtailment, need based benefits and realistic retirement age.

Each of you can add several more items to the list that are probably more important than mine – that’s not the point.

The point is that our elected representatives are totally incapable of making rational decisions on how to get us out of this mess.  The “Washington mentality” infects everyone we elect.  Lobbyists, PAC’s, Unions and other big contributors have hundreds of times more clout than we in the hinterlands.  Back Scratching, Pork, Earmarks, and Political Trade-offs are the name of the game.  Do you really think that’s going to change in our lifetime – or in our children’s lifetime?

Imagine firing every one of our 535 elected representatives.  As the Brits say, we would officially make them redundant; they have been unofficially for years.  Think of the potential savings: nearly $200k each in annual salary, untold staff salaries, office allowances, travel and expense allowances, and, all of that wonderful office space that could be converted to hotels – high end naturally.

Can you imagine each of our 150,000,000 registered voters casting her or his ballot directly on the issues that affect our lives?  I’ll bet we could make some real progress in winnowing down local, state and federal government and turning the deficit into a surplus.  And, I sure trust the mid-western farmers, the southern gentlemen, the conservative New Englanders, the New York liberals and the California activists to decide my future more than I trust our elected representatives.  Well, maybe not the California activists.

And, the lobbyists would have a booger of a time wining and dining 150,000,000 of us rather than just 535.  What a boon to the restaurant and bar business!  I may open a Gentlemen’s Club.

Anyone interested in a real thriller that carries this conversation to a scary extreme should read Vince Flynn’s 1997 novel “Term Limits”.

Gun Microstamping Scheme Revealed

Gun Microstamping Messages Revealed!

Gun Microstamping Messages Revealed!

Just days ago, Assembly Bill 1157, introduced by New York Assemblyman Michelle Schimel, was heard by the state assembly. The proposed law would require that all semi-automatic pistols delivered to licensed firearms dealers in the state of New York imprint alpha-numeric or similar codes on cartridge casings upon discharge of the weapon.

While many are concerned with ultimate motives of the legislation, or cost ramifications, we at My Gun Culture wonder what the microstamps will say…


Schumer Proposes ‘No-Snack’ List for Amtrak

New York Senator Chuck Schumer Proposes No-Snack List (img: Wikipedia / David Shankbone)

New York Senator Chuck Schumer Proposes No-Snack List (img: Wikipedia / David Shankbone)

Elaborating on yesterday’s call for expansion of a ‘no-ride’ list for Amtrak rail service, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, announced new ‘no-snack’ legislation aimed at Amtrak passengers with limited self control. Citing newly found intelligence from the recent Bin Laden compound raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan, Schumer outlined details of an emerging threat to American citizens.

“We’ve uncovered startling plans about terrorist plots to cause long-term health problems in the US by increasing the availability of snacks and junk foods” explained Schumer. “In fact, this new intelligence has already led to the interception of a large shipment of Twinkies bound for Union Station in Washington, DC. If those twinkies had made their way onto the Northeast Corridor 1 route we could have had some real problems. The average Amtrak passenger simply would not have been able to resist such unsafe quantities of snack food.”

Schumer’s bill aims to create the no-snack database and have it fully operational by June 1, 2011.

“It’s an aggressive schedule, but Homeland Security has been monitoring Wal-Marts for quite some time, and it seems obvious to us that Wal-Mart customers should be the first ones added to the no-snack list” explained Schumer. Later in the year, we’ll be adding TSA body scanners at both entrances to Amtrak Dining Cars to catch any passengers that manage to slip through the no-snack database. The technology in the latest Porta-Porn Scanners easily shows any extra body fat that passengers may be carrying.”

Capitol Police and Smithsonian Team On Deficit Reduction Efforts

US Armament 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun

US Armament 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun

In a unique approach designed to reduce federal government expenditures, the Capitol Police and Smithsonian National Museum of American History have combined portions of their capital expenditure budgets. The moves are in response to increased pressure from the administration to find deficit reduction opportunities.

“We’ve pretty much been given an edict to save at least $43 on our 2012 budget” lamented Capitol Police Chief Administrative Officer Barney Fife. “We’re taking the country’s deficit reduction program pretty seriously. Of course, salaries and benefits won’t be impacted. Or business lunches and dinners. Or office redecoration programs.”

Fife further outlined the controversial plan in a press conference at the swanky Greenbrier Resort outside of Washington, D.C. “I was having a business dinner with my buddy Francois Toulour over at the Smithsonian and he was griping about not having enough money for new exhibits. And I was telling him that we’ve been struggling to get a new Dillon Aero M134D gatling gun for the Capitol roof. These Tea Party protests might get out of hand you know. Anyway, then an idea came to me – let’s share one!”

While the Smithsonian was not actively seeking a modern, six-barreled, electrically powered, 3,000 round a minute machine gun, they were in the market for an example of early automatic weapon technology. The two departments quickly settled on a compromise purchase – a U.S. Armament 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun. Under the joint plan, the Capitol Police will maintain possession of the gun Monday through Fridays from 7am until 6pm. It will then be transferred to the Smithsonian for display evenings and weekends. In the event of Glenn Beck rallies or other high-threat conditions, the Capitol Police will maintain possession of the weapon indefinitely.

Fife hopes to negotiate similar arrangements for short-range Coehorn Mortars soon.


Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine Bill At Risk Due To Shortage Of Castles

Druim Moir Castle

Druim Moir Castle

York, PA – Close on the heels of a Pennsylvania House 161-35 vote, the state’s new Castle Doctrine Bill is already at risk of failure. Not due to Governor Ed Rendell’s threat of veto, but from a more insurmountable hurdle – a severe shortage of qualified castles in the state.

According to unnamed authorities, the Keystone State only has 29 qualified castles. “You would think that as the Keystone State, we would have plenty of castles” complained Henry Thaytth, Director of Development for Pennsylvania’s Castle Development Commission. “After all, the word keystone does sort of imply castle-like buildings and other large things built from rocks.”

Authorities in the Pennsylvania Department of Castle Numerology and Naming concede that the state is light on castle doctrine locations. “Yes, we’re behind the curve, and its true that 8 of our castles are unnamed at this point and one of them is really just a kids playhouse” stated Thaytth. “But look on the bright side, we’ve got castles with really European sounding names like Druim Moir, Ballytore, and Glencairn. Most chicks are impressed by that when I tell them.”

White Castle Restaurant

White Castle Restaurant

The state has recently implemented controversial efforts to up its castle count by including White Castle locations. Many are opposed to this practice on principle only, as the state currently does not have any White Castle Restaurants. “I can’t really discuss the details of our negotiations with the state” commented White Castle CFO Gordon Gecko. “Let’s just say that what’s worth doing is worth doing for money. By the way, if you need a friend, get a dog.”

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