Optimus Prime: The Priming Step of Reloading

Simple and inexpensive priming tools: a primer flipping tray and two hand priming tools with shell holders. Note the "comfort" enhancements of duct tape and/or thousands of rubber bands.

Last time we talked about about ways to resize brass like a boss. This week, let’s look at some different approaches to the re-priming step. We’ll cover this from a “getting started” point of view. If you own something like a Dillon Precision Super 1050 progressive reloading press, you’ve spent somewhere approaching $2,000 and are […]

Review: Lee Steel 3 Die Set .357 Sig

Lee Steel 3 Die Set - .357 Sig

The Good Low price. Generally works. The Bad Decapping pin has a tendency to slip upwards. The Ugly Very susceptible to case scoring. Our Rating One Nun Lee Steel 3 Die Set .357 Sig Approximate Price: $35.98 suggested retail, less online. www.leeprecision.com I’ve got  number of sets of Lee reloading dies in various calibers and […]