Ammo Test: Winchester PDX1 Defender .38 Special +P 130 Grain

Winchester's PDX1 Defender .38 Special +P self-defense load.

When I lug my ammunition testing setup to the range, I get more strange looks than Michael Bloomberg lactating at a Mayors Against Legal Governing (MALG) press conference. That’s because I bring a couple of now-perforated trash cans full of soaking wet newspaper, some old boots and a bunch of discarded clothing. Shooting into water […]

Buyers Guide: Blackhawk! Leather Speed Classic Gun Holster

Blackhawk! Leather Speed Classic Snubnose Revolver Holster

We recently reviewed the Blackhawk! Leather Speed Classic Holster for a Ruger LCR revolver and found it to be an excellent concealed carry solution for several reasons. It’s discreet. The design causes the revolver to ride high relative to the belt line. This makes for easier concealment and reduces the need for a knee-length photographers […]

Holster Review: Blackhawk Leather Dual Magazine Pouch / Carrier

Blackhawk Leather Dual Magazine Pouch

We’ve gotten pretty attached to this particular piece of gear.  Or maybe it’s the other way around… The standout feature of the Blackhawk Leather Dual Magazine Pouch is convenience. As you can see from the photo, there are numerous ways to attach this magazine carrier to your body. The back flap is closed at the […]

Buyers Guide: Blackhawk Leather Check-Six Gun Holster

Blackhawk Leather Check-Six Holster

We recently did a full holster review on the Blackhawk Leather Check-Six Holster and found it to be amazingly versatile. You can use it as a small of back holster You can use it as a small of kidney holster You can use it as a small of behind the hip holster It has an […]

Blade-Tech Releases Next Generation Bacon Hybrid Holster

Blade-Tech Bacon Hybrid Holster

Blade-Tech, leading manufacturer of injection molded tactical holsters, knife sheaths and magazine pouches today announced availability of their next generation hybrid holsters. “Our new hybrid line combines what are the finest three materials known to man – kydex, leather, and bacon” bragged Blade-Tech CEO Ben Cartwright. “After we announced our new kydex / leather hybrid […]