Benefits of Using a Handgun Laser

Why not add a light and laser to your nightstand gun?

Last time, I discussed the types of handgun-mounted lasers and how they operate. Now, let’s take a look at the “why” behind mounting a laser on your handgun. In other words, what are the benefits? Next in this series, we’ll talk about what some consider drawbacks. I consider most of the perceived drawbacks myths, but […]

Get Your Beam On! Black Friday Deals From Crimson Trace

1911 Master Series Lasergrip by Crimson Trace

If you have a gun for self and home defense, it ought to have a laser. It’s an extra tool that can make a huge difference in your ability to effectively use a gun, especially in low light conditions. Looks like Crimson Trace is offering some holiday deals… Crimson Trace is offering discounts ranging from […]

Shooting Myth: A Laser Will Only Give Away Your Position!

The benefits of surefire aim in low-light conditions and flexibility for shooting from unconventional positions far outweigh any realistic risk of "giving away your position" when using a firearm-mounted laser.

I’ve been a big fan of lasers on handguns for years. At first, this was because they sounded great on paper. After actually running around shooting in the dark at various training events and nocturnal competitions, my “fanboy” meter has maxed out. But to be really clear, I want to stress that I am talking […]

10 Worst Examples of Gun Advice From the Internet

If someone starts talking to you about "knockdown power" they better be talking about one of these.

Apparently I’ve taken on a task that is simply not possible without violating several laws of our physical universe – picking only 10 of the worst pieces of shooting advice from across the vast and vacuous expanse known as the internet. I stopped counting at 32,987,412,318. But no worries, I’ll persevere. Here we go, drum […]

Anatomy of a Stage at the Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational

This is how the stage looks in the dark. You can easily see the need for lights and lasers!

I just finished shooting and covering the Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational in the high desert miles and miles from Bend, Oregon. It was an enlightening experience, and I’ll write about that in my weekly column on Shooting at night was also ridiculously fun. More fun than should be legal, perhaps. To give […]

Top 10 Shooting Products from NSSF SHOT Show 2013

Slidefire 22 Stock

Doing a Top 10 list for SHOT Show is ridiculous. Kind of like trying to fit all the amazing things that have spilled out of Joe Biden’s mouth into a single leather-bound book. It simply can’t be done. But as you probably already know, we’re kind of ridiculous around here, so we’re going to highlight […]

Review: Crimson Trace LG-850 Lasergrips for Glock


Plays Nicely With Others… Suggested Retail Price: $279.00 The Good The Bad The Ugly Our Rating The LG-850 for Glock Gen 4 pistols is easy to install, easy to use, and foolproof. She now wants the Glock 26 Gen 4 compatible model… We’re gonna have to buy the Glock 31 in for evaluation. That […]

Buyers Guide: Crimson Trace Lasergrips For Glock Full Size and Compact Models


In our review of the Crimson Trace LG-417 Lasergrips we found these to be a 4 Nun product. Super easy to install and use. Like most other Crimson Trace Lasergrip products, this model features instinctive activation – meaning grab your gun and the laser turns on. In this case, the activation switch is on the […]