Win A Year’s Worth of Free Ammo!

LaserMax ammo giveaway

While the mystery of how the folks at LaserMax managed to find any ammo, much less a one year supply, continues to elude us, the story is true. They’re giving away 5,200 rounds of pistol ammunition. If you win, you get choice of caliber from the following:.22 LR, .380 ACP, 9mm, 38 SPL, .40 S&W, […]

Finding Holsters For Light And Laser Equipped Handguns: The Impossible Dream?

Just a few holster options for light and laser equipped handguns.

If you’ve been around here before, you know I’m a big fan of lasers for home defense and carry guns. I’m also a fanatical, raving, and kind of creepy bit of a holster geek. But, until recently, I’ve been hard-pressed to equip all my carry guns with lights and/or lasers. Why? Finding holsters for laser-equipped […]

Win This LaserMax UNI-MAX ES Rifle Value Pack

Win this LaserMax UNI-MAX ES Rifle Value Pack laser

Tis’ the season for giving right? Thanks to the nice folks at LaserMax, we’re going to give away a LaserMax UNI-MAX ES Rifle Value Pack to one of our lucky Facebook fans. That’s right, just head over to our Facebook page to enter, or you can do it directly from here. That’s all there is […]

Do You Like It Flat? Your AR-15 That Is…

The LaserMax Uni-Max ES offers a very low profile option for your AR-15. Mount it on the top, side or bottom.

Do you like it flat? Meaning the front of your AR rifle? Perhaps you don’t want a vertical fore grip laser and light assembly up front. If you frequently shoot at longer ranges, from sandbags or perhaps from a prone position, a vertical grip can get in the way. If you still want a laser […]

Vanquest MOLLE Sticks: They Will Save Your Sanity

Two five-inch MOLLE Sticks. Shown here not hooking anything up so you can actually see them.

At a recent Gunsite event hosted by my friends at LaserMax, I met Alex. He’s a gear head from Vanquest. But he doesn’t have greasy fingernails or smell like brake fluid, because his gear specialty is packs, bags, totes, backpacks and cases of all sorts. Anyway, Alex showed me a sooper-dooper nifty little invention that […]

Why Green Lasers Aren’t Green – New Native Green Technology from LaserMax

The LaserMax Native Green UNI-MAX (top) is noticeably brighter than traditional DPSS green laser light (bottom)

While at a LaserMax media event, I learned a lot about lasers. Like most everything else with a battery or plug, the technology is evolving at a dizzying rate. One of the things I learned was that green lasers aren’t green. Actually, they’re invisible (to the human eye) as they are derived from infrared light. […]

Shooting Gelatinous Pig Juice With Mike McNett Of DoubleTap Ammunition

Mike arranges two 14 inch blocks end to end. As you'll see, some of the loads penetrated well into the second block.

The slimiest part of our agenda at the recent Gunsite Academy event hosted by LaserMax was a ballistic testing demonstration by Mike McNett, founder of DoubleTap Ammunition. Mike brought along some standardized 14 inch long gelatin blocks for destruction testing with a variety of DoubleTap loads, most of which use the Barnes TAC-XP all copper […]

Lessons From The Playhouse: A LaserMax And Gunsite Adventure

Step 1 of the house clearing exercise - opening the door. The Glock is equipped with a Simunitions conversion and the new LaserMax Native Green laser.

What can you learn from a playhouse? Life-saving tips, actually. I just returned from a few days at Gunsite Academy – one of the nations premier shooting academies located just outside of Prescott, Arizona. That’s pronounced more like “biscuit” by the way, not “Scott.” You may also know of Prescott as Sturm, Ruger and Company […]

LaserMax Ends The Rodent Chronicles Arms Race?

The LaserMax Ruger 10/22 Laser turns your rifle into the equivalent of an Abrams tank ballistic fire control system. Well, almost.

If you’ve been around here a while, you might remember a little incident involving wetlands, a raised home and a rat. It all started when a hot-shot realtor, wearing capri pants, sold us a home surrounded by “wetlands.” You see, “wetlands” is realtor-code for “swamp.” And where there’s swamp, there’s rodents. Some, like deer and […]

On the Seventh Day of Christmas… Seven Lasers Aiming


On the seventh day of Christmas, I hope my true love gives to me… Seven lasers aiming… Lasers make a great addition to self defense firearms and even light armor defeating rockets. Try these for your Christmas wish list: Crimson Trace LG-850 Brand spanking new for the full size Glock Gen IV platform, this one […]