The New SOG Light Saber? It’s ‘Glinty’

SHOT Show 2012 had more new things than we can ever cover, but this one stood out as awfully handy. And even more Star-Wars-y.

New this year from SOG are two new Blade Lights – offered in folding and fixed versions.

Pictured here is the folding version. It’s one of those oh-duh type devices offering a flashlight that works when the blade is open or closed, thereby letting one hand do the work of two. We can think of lot’s of practical uses:

  • Cleaning your fingernails in the middle of the night – without waking your significant other
  • Opening boxes in the dark
  • Checking to see if that London Broil on the grill is really done without admitting your lack of grill confidence to guests
  • And most importantly, making your fearsome knife blade actually ‘glint’ like they say in classic murder mysteries

The light is about 35 lumens and runs for nearly four and a half hours on AAA batteries.

Usually we might blow this off as a cheap gimmick. But coming from SOG, we’re confident that it’s built for punishment. And impressing your Navy Seal friends.

SOG Slim Jim: Thin Is In For 2012

SOG displayed the brand new SOG Slim Jim assisted-open folding knives at SHOT Show 2012. Due to be in the market during the second quarter of the year, SOG claims the Slim Jim is the thinnest folder on the market.

The combination of bumps, cutouts and texture made this knife surprisingly easy to grip with confidence and the feel was sturdy and solid.

The Slim Jim offers a 3.18 inch blade while the larger Slim Jim XL sports a 4.18 inch blade.

The one thing that was a moderate turn off for us was the manual safety latch. It allows one to lock the blade closed, or provide an extra lock for the open position. It seemed somewhat finicky to us and we really don’t like a lock preventing the blade from opening when needed. The SOG representative indicated that there may be some enhancement to the lock mechanism prior to shipment.

SOG would neither confirm nor deny existence of the rumored SOG Origami knife, said to be even thinner than the Slim Jim.

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