A Really Pointy Knife: The Spyderco Des Horn

I wouldn’t consider myself a knife guy, but I seem to be amassing quite the collection of them. Probably because they’re so darn handy. I use a pocket knife at least ten times a day for something or other. You know, all that tactical stuff like opening boxes and letters, getting steak out from between your teeth and as an impromptu screwdriver or pry tool. Ken Onion, please forgive me, for I have sinned…

At a LaserMax event at Gunsite last week, I picked up a new one – the Spyderco Des Horn folding knife.

The Spyderco Des Horn is nothing if not sleek.

The Spyderco Des Horn is nothing if not sleek.

When open, this pocket folder just looks sleek and, well, medical. That’s probably because designer Des Horn is a practicing dentist. I have no verifiable information as to whether Des uses this on his patients. When opened, the total length is just under 7 1/2 inches.

Even the clip is unique and has a light and airy feel.

Even the clip is unique and has a light and airy feel.

Closed, the Spyderco Des Horn measures about 4 1/4 inches. The cutting edge of the blade is just a hair over 3 inches. The clip is easily removable if you like and the handle is made from sturdy G10 material.

The spear-style point is aggressive to say the least.

The spear-style point is aggressive to say the least.

As cool as it looks, the Spyderco Des Horn standout feature is the very pointy spear tip. No, it’s not suited for removing screws or prying things. On the other hand, it might be the world’s greatest junk mail opener. Heavily taped boxes? No problem, that sharp point slides right in there as easily as a politician finds a TV camera.

Yeah, it’s a nifty tactical knife too. The cutout for the lock makes a great finger groove and the hole in the blade allows for one-handed opening. And the best part? The whole thing weighs only two ounces.

You can pick one up for about $110 if you shop carefully.

SOG Twitch II Partially Serrated Folding Knife

We stopped by the SOG booth at the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting and had a great discussion with the nice folks at SOG about everyday folding knives.

SOG Twitch II pocket folding knife

The best feature of the SOG Twitch II folding knife is it’s easy one-handed opening

We quickly ended up checking out the SOG Twitch line of pocket folders. Available in at least three different sizes, with several finishes, and with straight or non-serrated blades, there’s a Twitch model to suit most personal preferences. We ended up choosing the SOG Twitch II folding knife with a 2.68 inch blade and 6.2 inch overall length. Ours features the half-serrated blade. A little more difficult to sharpen, yes, but we were looking for a handy rope cutter.

Here’s what’s sooper dooper handy about the SOG Twitch II Partially Serrated Folding Knife:

While many folders can be opened with one hand with relative easily, the SOG Twitch II takes convenience to a whole new level. For one-handed opening, most folders rely on your thumb pushing the blade out using either a blade-mounted knob or some other form of protrusion on the top side of the blade. The Kershaw Ken Onion Vapor II works like this and it’s been a favorite of ours for years.

There are two differences with the SOG Twitch II approach. First, there is some spring assist action at play which helps snap the blade open. More importantly, activation is done with your index finger on the back side of the knife. Simply press on the exposed tab and the blade virtually flies open. It’s one of the easiest knives we’ve seen to open single-handed. This makes the SOG Twitch II perfect for those vitally important everyday knife chores. Like opening stuff.

The even niftier thing about this design is that the tab used to flip open the blade positions itself as a finger guard when the blade is open. Smart.

If you’re uncomfortable with how easy the blade opens, no worries. The SOG Twitch II features a positive locking tab on the back of the knife. It will securely lock the blade closed if you like. A removable belt clip rounds out the package.

All in all, this is the handiest folder in our knife drawer. It comes from the factory razor-sharp and so far has not lost it’s edge.

Available Here SOG Twitch II Partially Serrated Folding Knife

Cold Steel “The Spike” Series Neck Knives

Here’s a little something different for today.

cold steel spike neck knifeWe bought a Cold Steel Spike Neck Knife years ago, well, just because. It has turned out to be one handy piece of gear.

The Spike Series Neck Knives are fashioned from a solid piece of steel, and depending on the specific model, feature about a 4 1/2 inch blade. The blade if thick and tough enough for hard use, but has an edge capable of fine cutting. All edges are rounded so it’s comfortable to hold and use and the handle is wrapped with cord for grip, size, and comfort.

The neatest part? The Kydex sheath features a neck chain allowing you to carry The Spike around your neck with handle oriented downwards. It’s plenty secure and completely invisible. The sheath features other loops in case you want to mount it to MOLLE gear or just about anywhere else.


Available Here Cold Steel “The Spike” Series Neck Knives

Pocket knives of mass destruction?

Unfortunately, some things require no witty commentary at all.

According to KnifeRights.org, “the New York County (Manhattan) District Attorney’s Office appears to be engaged in a shakedown of local businesses, forcing them to pay six-figure, so-called ‘contributions’ or risk unwarranted criminal penalties…”

Check out this story, and others, and the good work KnifeRights.org is doing to protect, ummm, common sense.

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