A Really Pointy Knife: The Spyderco Des Horn

Even the clip is unique and has a light and airy feel.

I wouldn’t consider myself a knife guy, but I seem to be amassing quite the collection of them. Probably because they’re so darn handy. I use a pocket knife at least ten times a day for something or other. You know, all that tactical stuff like opening boxes and letters, getting steak out from between […]

SOG Twitch II Partially Serrated Folding Knife

SOG Twitch II pocket folding knife

We stopped by the SOG booth at the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting and had a great discussion with the nice folks at SOG about everyday folding knives. We quickly ended up checking out the SOG Twitch line of pocket folders. Available in at least three different sizes, with several finishes, and with straight or non-serrated […]

Cold Steel “The Spike” Series Neck Knives

cold steel spike neck knife

Here’s a little something different for today. We bought a Cold Steel Spike Neck Knife years ago, well, just because. It has turned out to be one handy piece of gear. The Spike Series Neck Knives are fashioned from a solid piece of steel, and depending on the specific model, feature about a 4 1/2 […]

Pocket knives of mass destruction?

Unfortunately, some things require no witty commentary at all. According to KnifeRights.org, “the New York County (Manhattan) District Attorney’s Office appears to be engaged in a shakedown of local businesses, forcing them to pay six-figure, so-called ‘contributions’ or risk unwarranted criminal penalties…” Check out this story, and others, and the good work KnifeRights.org is doing […]