Top 8 Reasons National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day Won’t Work Here


This Saturday, June 9, is National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day. This first annual event aims to encourage Moms and Dads to get their daughters to the range to learn how to shoot safely. Herein lies the problem in our household. You see, our daughter is ever-so-slightly tactical. You know, the kind of […]

Gunfire Erupts In South Carolina From Youth Gang Related Activity

Scholastic Steel Challenge Gang Activity

Gunfire erupted in a Summerville, SC rural community over the weekend as a gang of teenagers, including some pre-teens according to witnesses, literally sprayed hundreds of bullets over a three hour period. According to some estimates, over 1,400 shots were fired before the shooting spree ended just before 1pm eastern time. Witnesses claim the hoodlums […]

Shootout At The Pioneer Woman’s Compound!

Shootout at The Pioneer Woman Family Compound (img:

Reports of a shootout at the family compound of have recently surfaced. Witnesses say that as many as 16 individuals, including a number of children, were involved. While it is known that no injuries resulted, there are reports of female on male taunting. Questions remain as to the cause of the shooting. Friends believe […]