Top 10 Reasons SHOT Show Is Awesome

The range portion of SHOT Show is equally epic. What you see here is about 10% of Media Day at the Range.

SHOT Show is an annual pilgrimage of fun, friends, work, pain, exhaustion, more work, more fun and certainly a lot more pain. It’s infinite, seemingly boundless and more crowded than a buy one get one free bordello, but you still manage to frequently run into people you know among the 68,000 attendees. I love it. […]

Book Review: Shoot! Your Guide to Shooting and Competition by Julie Golob


Three guesses as to who wrote this book. Here are a few hints: She roasts her own coffee. We’re still waiting for her to send us some of her famous “Powder Burn in Major Power Factor” roast… Rumor has it that she uses a fembot body double to help master her busy schedule She has […]

Coffee Talk with Julie Golob, and Her Julie-Double

Julie Golob and Her Julie-Double Shooting the Heck Out of Stuff

Today we continue our quest to speak with fun and interesting people in the shooting industry. We’d like to thank Julie Golob, coffee aficionado, for sharing some time with us. In case you don’t know, in addition to roasting her own Major Power Factor coffee, she also shoots at a lot of things. So we […]