Does Hot Caliber Jewelry Make You Hawt? We Ask Founder Manos Phoundoulakis

Manos Phoundoulakis - Hot Caliber

We’re talking with Manos Phoundoulakis, founder of Hot Caliber Jewelry and master inventor behind the flattened bullet jewelry concept. Well, actually, when you dig a little deeper into the story, most of the credit for the idea goes to his partner and bride Kelle. Isn’t that the way it always is? While shooting with Team […]

Hot Caliber Custom Jewelry – Key Ring A Bling Bling

Hot Caliber Hammer Keychain

Hot Caliber makes some cool stuff for shooting aficionados. The basic idea is that, through thousands of rounds shot at steel, they’ve figured out how to get nice flattened bullet patterns. These are reproduced – exactly – into silver jewelry via some sort of top-secret lost wax technique. Whatever that is. The Hot Caliber Hammer […]

Hot Caliber Flattened Bullet Cufflinks

Hot Caliber Marksman Renegade Cuff link

The coolest in shooting related bling (jewelry) comes from our friends at Hot Caliber. Though trial, error, and downright magic, they’ve figured out a process to make one of a kind jewelry pieces from bullets shot at steel. And no, it’s not lead jewelry. They use a top-secret lost wax technique to cast these unique […]