Holster Review: Blade-Tech IDPA Competition Pack with SRB (Sting Ray Belt) Holster

Blade-Tech IDPA Competition Pack with SRB (Sting Ray Belt) Holster

Blade-Tech IDPA Competition Pack with SRB (Sting Ray Belt) Holster

This is our favorite Kydex oustide-the-waistband holster. For concealed carry, it’s rock solid and adjustable to your belt width – anywhere form  1 1/4” to 2 1/4”.  This prevents any wobble on the belt, assuming your belt fits within the holsters’ adjustable range.

Gun retention is excellent while the draw is still silky smooth. A great fit from carefully molded kydex combined with adjustable tension screws allow you to set your preferred ease of draw, or level of tension on the gun, depending on how you want to look at it.

The SRB is insanely adjustable. Out of the box you can adjust for a vertical mount, forward cant, or reverse cant depending on your preference. The SRB is also compatible with Blade-Tech’s system that allows for optional paddle, drop, or offset belt attachments.

Oh, and if you want to try some healthy competition, the Blade-Tech SRB is IDPA legal out of the box.

Available Here Blade-Tech IDPA Competition Pack with SRB (Sting Ray Belt) Holster

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Gargoyles Plan To Form Shooting Team

Gargoyles competition shooting team

Gargoyles Competition Shooting Team Captain Grog Photo: thecelticcroft.com

According to recent reports from AmmoLand.com, the Gargoyles intend to form a new competitive shooting team. Traditionally known for their fearsome appearance, Gargoyles have not historically been recognized for their agility and speed. According to industry insiders, that reputation is about to change.

“People generally think of rock sculptures as slow and inflexible” comments Don Draper, Vice President of Marketing for Gargoyles Eyewear. “Just because they’re evil and mean looking doesn’t mean that they can’t shake and bake on the course of fire. Plus they have the added benefit of scaring away evil spirits. But the thing that really attracted us to the whole competitive Gargoyle concept was that most Gargoyles have wings and we expect them to literally fly through complex courses in major USPSA competitions.”

Gargoyles Eyewear Shooting Team

Gargoyles Eyewear Shooting Team

Rumors have been circulating for some time that the Gargoyles have been training in more sedentary shooting sports such as Benchrest and NRA Bullseye to prepare for their entre into the action shooting arena. “We’ve been really impressed by the stability and resulting accuracy that these Gargoyles have been able to achieve.” stated Wayne LaPierre, Executive Director of the National Rifle Association. “They just sit there and don’t flinch – like they were made of stone or something.”

Gargoyles Eyewear will be equipping the new team with proven eye protection designs including the Classic and Veil Series but will also leverage the teams exposure in the shooting community to launch the all-new ‘Rock Solid’ series. According to unnamed sources, the Rock Solid line will feature 325% UV protection and unsurpassed durability. “These things will last an eternity” bragged Draper.

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