Shooting Myth: Competitive Shooting Will Get You Killed On the Street

Competitive Shooting is not only fun, it can help you build basic skills.

Why is it that Internet opinions are so binary? Black or white, right or wrong, my way or the highway – it’s kind of like politics in the real world. 45 is the only caliber! Because you only need to shoot once! 9mm is fantastic – if you want to shoot balloons. Competitive shooting skills […]

Holster Review: Blade-Tech IDPA Competition Pack with SRB (Sting Ray Belt) Holster

Blade-Tech IDPA Competition Pack with SRB (Sting Ray Belt) Holster

This is our favorite Kydex oustide-the-waistband holster. For concealed carry, it’s rock solid and adjustable to your belt width – anywhere form  1 1/4” to 2 1/4”.  This prevents any wobble on the belt, assuming your belt fits within the holsters’ adjustable range. Gun retention is excellent while the draw is still silky smooth. A […]

Gargoyles Plan To Form Shooting Team

Gargoyles competition shooting team

According to recent reports from, the Gargoyles intend to form a new competitive shooting team. Traditionally known for their fearsome appearance, Gargoyles have not historically been recognized for their agility and speed. According to industry insiders, that reputation is about to change. “People generally think of rock sculptures as slow and inflexible” comments Don […]