8 Shooting Tips: How Not To Look Like An Amateur Shooter

How not to grip a gun - the teacup or cup and saucer handgun grip

Even if you’re new to shooting, you may have heard names like Julie Golob, Rob Leatham, Sara Ahrens, Iain Harrison, and Tori Nonaka. Whether you know them from the competitive circuit, see them on shows like Top Shot, or your obsessive shooting sports fan neighbor just can’t stop rattling off stats about them, one thing is clear. They have a […]

Iain Harrison Talks About Caliber, Kilts, and Kegerators – A My Gun Culture Interview


It’s our pleasure to welcome Top Shot Champion, Crimson Trace Pitch Guy, and all-around class clown Iain Harrison to the My Gun Culture interview hot seat. We first met Iain at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA earlier this year. Our initial encounter was at a kilt-heavy  bar, so most records of the meeting […]