Latest Shooting Buyers Guide Additions


We’re introducing a new weekly article feature, and a whole new section of this week. Our Shooters Buyers Guide provides a quick and easy reference to stuff that is a solid value – and works. Think of it as shooting tips for buyers. We check out a lot of shooting gear – tactical lights, […]

Ammo Review: Hornady Critical Defense vs. A Frying Pan

Hornady Critical Defense 45 ACP 185 grain

Our potentially life saving Hornady Critical Defense and Critical Duty ammunition tests have already revealed that… Your odds of prevailing in a commercial bakery gun fight are dramatically increased if you are carrying Hornady Critical Defense. While Activia has been shown to modulate bowel activity, it will not prevent Hornady Critical Defense ammo from expanding. […]

Ammo Review: Hornady Critical Defense vs. Butt Modulating Yogurt

Hornady Critical Defense ammo test shooting yogurt

Admit it. You’ve already got the Activia jingle going in your head. Or at least you’re wondering why a perennial hottie like Jamie Lee Curtis is now hawking butt modulating yogurt. Or what happens when bullets strike Bifidus Regularis bacteria – gajillions of them? Or whether ammunition has occasional irregularity? Or whether prune flavored yogurt […]

Ammo Review: Hornady Critical Duty vs. A Huge Pile of B.S.

Hornady Critical Defense Ammo shoots the new york times

Today we hope to answer many pressing questions: What happens when you shoot a bullet at a huge pile of B.S.?If the B.S. is laid on really thick, will it clog up a hollowpoint bullet and prevent it from expanding? Is shooting at a pile of B.S. kind of like squashing a pregnant spider? Does […]

Hornady Critical Duty 9mm +P 135 grain Flexlock


We’ve been doing lots and lots of shooting with both Hornady Critical Defense and more recently Hornady Critical Duty. Our supply of the relatively new Hornady Critical Duty 9mm +P 135 grain Flexlock arrived this week so we took it out for some testing. The first observation – and we’ve seen this consistently with Hornady […]

Hornady Critical Defense .38 Special +P 100 grain Ammunition


We’ve been testing a lot of Hornady Critical Defense ammunition and with rare exception, we’ve observed excellent results. Critical Defense is designed with a polymer plug in the hollow point cavity which aids with bullet expansion – even after the round penetrates barriers that would clog a normal hollow point round. We’ve shot it through […]

Ammo Test: Will Your Short Barrel 9mm Penetrate Heavy Clothing?


Of course, penetration is only part of the battle. Will your 9mm ammo actually expand after penetrating heavy clothing? On this episode of Will It Expand, we aim to find out! As we couldn’t find any heavily dressed bad guy volunteers, we resurrected the boots, stuffed them full of old shirts, and placed them in […]

Ammo Review: Hornady Critical Defense vs. Flour – Will it Expand?


Why? Umm. Because we can? In this episode, we test Hornady Critical Defense ammunition against what is arguably the cloggiest stuff known to hollowpoints – flour. Stick with us, you never know when you might run into a real-world shootout in a bakery. Or something. Being that we expected flour to be a tough customer, […]

Ammo Review: Hornady Critical Defense vs. Grape Jelly – Will It Expand?


All y’all have some pretty weird suggestions for our semi-serious ammo testing. Here we are, trying to be all scientific, and you keep sending suggestions for silly random things to shoot. Like you really might find yourself in a situation where you have to shoot through a large glass jar of grape jelly to protect […]

Ammo Review: Hornady Critical Defense vs. SPAM


Welcome back to our continuing series where we subject Hornady Critical Defense and Critical Duty ammo to all sorts of abusive and at times, ridiculous, tests. You see, it’s supposed to expand every time. And we’re going to find out if it does. Our reader suggestion for this episode is… Spam. Yes, the simulated meat […]