Concealed Carry Myths: Semi-Autos Suck Because Revolvers Don’t Jam

A quality revolver always goes "bang", right?

“A revolver never jams!” I hear this one virtually every time I visit a gun store. Given what I do for a living, I simply can’t help picking up the sales conversations at the gun counter. Yeah, I know. That’s nosey and none of my business. Whether it’s my business to overhear or not, the […]

The 5 Best Pocket Carry Handguns

Pocket Carry handguns-1

Pocket carry exposes the eighth great mystery of the universe: it’s much easier to put a gun in your pocket than to take it out. It makes sense when you think about it. When you go to draw a pocket carry handgun, your hand is wrapped around it in a firing grip, so the entire […]

The Boberg Backwards Bullpup Pistol

The Boberg design offers a lot of bang for the size with its bullpup-like design.

Pistols aren’t all that great. I mean, I don’t want to get shot by one, but they’re certainly not the miracle fight stopping death ray that many think they are. By their very nature, handguns are all about compromise. A rifle or shotgun (or in my case, an MK-19 automatic grenade launcher) would be most […]

Small Pistols for Small Hands

Mary Katherine takes aim with a Hakim 8mm battle rifle.

Editors Note: We’re pleased to welcome a new ‘riter to the My Gun Culture project – Mary Katherine. I’ve been shooting with Mary Katherine and her family on and off for years. She’ll be offering some women’s perspective on things like guns, gear, concealed carry and more. By the way, she shoots a Beretta PX4, Smith & Wesson […]

What’s Better? Revolver or Semi-Auto Pistol?

Which one is best for you?

I feel sorry for new shooters. Back when I was a new shooter, movable type had just been invented and the internet wasn’t even part of Nostradamus’ wildest dreams. Learning about guns and self defense was hard, but easy. It was hard because I couldn’t sit at my computer and browse the opinions of thousands […]

How To Rack Your Handgun Slide Like A Boss

This Beretta PX4 .40 S&W has a strong recoil spring, so proper racking technique is important. First, Keep the gun close to your body to gain leverage.

Rack [rak] verb to torture; distress acutely; torment: (His body was racked with pain.) to strain by physical force or violence. to strain beyond what is normal or usual. In the shooting realm, rack has a different meaning (although the classic definitions of torture, strain and torment still apply for some people). For shooters, rack […]

How To Choose The Best Handgun For You

The good news? There are lots of excellent handgun choices. The bad news? There are lots of excellent handgun choices!

What defines the “right” gun for you? The “right” gun is the most powerful one with which you can hit your target consistently. If that’s a .22 caliber pistol, then so be it. A .22 pistol that hits your intended target is more effective than a .45 caliber that misses. Make no mistake, bigger and […]

How To Make Sure Your Handgun Fits You

Notice the gap between my whole index finger and the side of the gun. If I press the trigger correctly, only the tip of my finger will move against the gun.

Today’s handguns come in more shapes and sizes than a random assortment of Wal-Mart Thanksgiving sale shoppers. Not only that, many modern handguns come with replaceable grip panels so you can adjust the size to fit. When deciding what’s best for you, comfort is a factor, but it’s not the definitive method of fitting a […]

How To Deal With Gun Terminology Snobs

Half-Cocked: Gun Terminology Gone Bad

We’re not going to get wrapped up too much in the specifics of proper gun terminology. It can be intimidating and quite frankly, it’s not all that important as long as people know what you’re trying to say. But we will try to be accurate most of the time so you have the full picture. […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting: An Undisciplined Muzzle


Discipline is one of those words that, more often than not, conjures up unpleasant thoughts. When you’re trying to enjoy a quiet dinner date at Applebee’s, undisciplined children at nearby tables can ruin the ambiance and atmosphere you tried so hard to obtain with your careful choice of a romantic restaurant. Of course my own […]