10 Things More Socially Acceptable On Twitter Than Gun Owners

My work day started with an inbox full of invitations to advertise on Twitter. The apparently hoplophobic, time-sucking, Miley Cyrus worshipping social media giant targeted me as a deep-pocketed Donny Deutsch while I tossed and turned with nightmares over which coffee shops to patronize.

Amanda Bynes on Twitter

Of all the garbage on Twitter, they choose to demonize gun owners? Really?

The ironic thing is that Twitter doesn’t really want my business. Even though they are sending solicitations to someone known online as @MYGUNCULTURE with a MYGUNCULTURE (DOT) COM email address they quickly change their tune when they discover I talk about… GUNS! Now there’s a shocker. How could they have known?

I decided to try out some ads to help promote my new book, The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting. However, Twitter rejected my advertising submission, so I wrote for clarification. I received a personalized form letter (yes, exactly) stating that my entire account is ineligible to advertise because my website has advertisements related to guns. So, according to Twitter, my budding writing business is not welcome in their advertising program. If I wasn’t so insecure to start with, that might be tough on my ego.

So I decided to do a little internet sleuthing – I’m a certified web addict after all – and find out who, or in some cases what, is more socially acceptable on Twitter than gun owners. Keep in mind, I really could care less about who or what get’s Twitter love in the list below, I just want to know where my fellow gun owners and I stand in the hierarchy of societal strata.

After explaining to my family that this was really work related, here’s a few of the random things I learned about what seems to be appropriate on Twitter:

1. The epic Tweet war between Amanda Bynes and Rhianna. Wholesome family fun at its best, assuming your family appreciates classless, tasteless, racist debate.

2. UFC advertisements. Twitter seems to have no compunctions about taking money from the UFC when they want to advertise the wholesome family activity of one guy beating another guy senseless.

Got a grudge? No problem. Just buy an ad on Twitter to handle it.

Got a grudge? No problem. Just buy an ad on Twitter to handle it.

3. If you’re ticked at the 1% corporate bogeyman, you can buy an ad on Twitter. A disgruntled customer paid Twitter to promote tweets like this one. “British Airways sucks. Don’t ever fly with them #britishairways @britishairways @british_airways.”

4. For the paltry sum of $13,000, you can have Khloe Kardashian tweet something on your behalf. It’s unclear whether it costs extra to have her tweet about guns.

5. Jezebel will teach you how to have a rocking CoreGasm. Sorry folks, this article is rated PG, so you’ll have to go to Twitter to learn more.

6. While we’re on the Jezebel topic, porn. Yep, plenty of that, but it’s OK – it’s freedom of speech and bodily contortion.

7. The #NAMBLA hashtag has far too much activity. If you’re not familiar with NAMBLA, you really don’t want to know. Trust me on that one.

8. You can find Twitter users who have named themselves “Miley Cyrus Twerking” and “Miley Twerk Cyrus.”

9. Continuing on that topic, you can find users named “Notorious Toe Cheese” and “Cement Brain”

10. The average Tweet IQ is 37.8% that of a YouTube comment.

One bright note, assuming the enemy of your enemy is your friend. China has banned Twitter, so take that.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re less desirable to Twitter than an ad to gain 5,000 followers from the comfort of your own home. I hate to break that to you, but remember, I’m just the messenger. So don’t shoot me. That would be against Twitter policy.

Gun Word of the Day: Dry Fire

Gun Word Of The Day

Gun Word Of The Day

Dry Fire [drahy] [fahyuhr]


1. The act of going through the complete sequence of events to fire a gun, but without use of ammunition. Dry fire is a practice technique where the gun is cocked, aimed at a safe practice target and backstop, and trigger pulled. The guns striker or hammer falls on an empty chamber, thereby completing the act of firing a gun, but without discharge of a projectile and associated noise, recoil and flash. Dry fire practice requires strict attention to the safety rules of shooting and ammunition should never be in the same area where dry fire practice occurs.

2. Dry firing only sounds dirty, unless you’re accustomed to visiting, umm, dance clubs where rhythmic movement in a skillful and defined pattern of steps is not valued or required. In these cases, dry-firing could be considered distasteful.

You can find detailed instructions on how to safely dry fire practice here, and you can find even more tips in our latest book, The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition.

Half-Cocked: Obama Phones and Holder Guns

Half-Cocked: Obama Phones and Holder Guns

Cool Products From The Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational Media Day

Some of the shooting industry’s leading vendors teamed up with Crimson Trace to sponsor the Midnight 3 Gun Invitational event in Bend, OR. While I can’t cover all the new products displayed here, a few stood out.

Colt Competition Rifle 1424

Colt Competition Rifle

During daylight hours when shooting was not deemed challenging enough, we had the opportunity to talk guns, gear and new offerings from a dozen different companies.

There’s some cool stuff out there, with more on the way this fall. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of our favorite finds:

OTIS Technology

OTIS Technology MSR / AR-15 Kit with B.O.N.E. Tool and Ripcord cleaner

OTIS Technology MSR / AR-15 Kit with B.O.N.E. Tool and Ripcord cleaner

We’ve been big fans of the OTIS system longer than Barney Frank has been cheating on taxes. The big news for this fall is the OTIS Ripcord. Similar to the Bore Snake cleaners in only the most cursory of looks, the Ripcord brings a lot of improvements. The cleaners are semi-rigid and made of Nomex, so they are far more durable and a lot less likely to get caught in the receiver when pulling them through your rifle or pistols. The helix pattern serves both scrubbing and dirt gathering functions for thorough cleaning. Ripcords have threaded caps on both ends so you can attach a wire brush for extra cleaning power, or perhaps a solvent-soaked patch in front of the cleaner. Oh, and they’re heat-resistant to 700 degrees. They’ll be released this fall in .223/5.56mm, .308, 9mm, .40 and .45 ACP calibers. I suspect we’ll see that list grow.

In the relatively new category is the OTIS MSR / AR-15 cleaning kit. Contained in one of the OTIS small zip cases, it contains everything you need for thorough AR cleaning. The B.O.N.E. Tool is beautifully designed to clean carbon gunk from the bolt carrier, bolt and firing pin. It’s especially handy for that impossible to clean bolt tail area. Lot’s of scrapers, brushes and picks help you reach all the other hard to access places in the AR rifle.

HH Bauer Custom Case

HH Bauer Custom Case

HH Bauer Cases

Traveling with one gun is challenging enough. Traveling with three, and all the assorted gear for an event like this is a supreme test of logistics and packing skills. HH Bauer makes custom foam inserts for Pelican and other cases. As a Pelican dealer, they can equip you with gun and gear cases to make the pros envious. Already got a case? No worries, they can whip you up custom inserts for your specific gear.

Danner Boots

Danner Tachyon Boots

Danner Tachyon Boots

In addition to generously outfitting Media participants with Rivot TFX Hot Military boots for the event, Danner displayed a variety of their products in the vendor fair. The ones shown in the photo drew my attention, and when I picked them up, I quickly found they were anti-gravity boots! The Tachyon Hot Military boots are the lightest boots I’ve ever seen, bar none. Wow, it was pretty amazing. Want to go run some trails? Try these.

MGM Targets

MGM 22 LR Spinner target

MGM 22 LR Spinner target

MGM has a new line of .22 rimfire targets. The one that got my attention was the MGM .22 Rimfire Spinner Target. The idea is to hit top, bottom, or alternate between both to get the target to spin a complete 360. It will take multiple, perfect hits to succeed. It gets really challenging when the target starts rocking back and forth and you have to hit it on the move to increase the momentum. It’s more addictive than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. And that’s saying a lot. Want to burn through 1,000 rounds of .22LR? Get a Ruger 10/22 and one of these!

Warne Scope Mounts

WARNE RAMP Scope Mount

WARNE RAMP Scope Mount

I was able to shoot a Colt Competition with the new Warne RAMP mounting system. Two things stood out here. The shooting scenario had us taking a shot with one scope mounted in a Warne RAMP, then removing the mount and scope and replacing it with a different scope mounted in a different RAMP mount. The idea was point of impact repeatability. Yep, it worked like a champ.

The second neat feature of this mount is the integrated 45 degree mounting rails. They are detachable, so you can use them on either side or both. Mount a short-range optic like an iron sight or Trijicon RMR to complement your primary optic. Cool.


Leatherman Rail

Leatherman Rail

Leatherman showed us a bunch of gear for all sorts of tasks, but I was particularly keen on the Leatherman Rail. Made specifically as an AR platform range tool, the Rail includes a sight adjustment tool, a pin punch, ⅜” wrench and bits and driver for rail, scope and other adjustment tasks. It also features and oxygen bottle wrench in case you get a little woozy at the range! Are you a shotgunner or bowhunter? No worries, check out the similar Leatherman Pump and Cam tools for those platforms.

Colt Competition Rifles

We saw these at SHOT Show and wow they are sweet, sweet AR rifles. You can count on somewhere in the ½ MOA accuracy range. I shot a .223 at a 500 yard gong with great success. Check them out at your earliest opportunity!

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace MVF-515 Light Laser Foregrip

Crimson Trace MVF-515 Light Laser Foregrip

We we able to test out the Crimson Trace MVF-515 vertical fore grip for rail-equipped rifles. This unit features a green laser and a 200 lumen light. Pressure pads on both sides of the foregrip allow you to control light and laser independently. Wow! The stability of the laser on a rifle, combined with the strong light, allows amazingly fast target acquisition and aiming. I was shocked at how effectively I was able to shoot a rifle in zero light conditions.

Now Available In Print: The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

“Holsters actually pre-date guns. Do you really think bands of wooly mammoth hunters carried spears and rocks in their hands? After all, they couldn’t invent important things like fire and Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts with their hands all full of weapons.”

Let’s face it. Choosing the best way to carry a gun can be a daunting task. Whether you’re new to guns or have been shooting since you were a wee tot, this book can help you understand concealed carry methods, how to carry a gun safely, and the relative pros and cons of over 120 specific holster models. We’ll even teach you several ways to carry a gun in your underwear.

You can get it now in print or eBook format!

Now available in print! The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

Now available in print! The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

Get the print edition!

Get the Amazon Kindle edition!

Get the Barnes & Noble Nook edition!

The Cody Firearms Museum: More Guns Than You Can Shake A Gun At

Which of the following statements are true?

A. Cody, Wyoming is the most pro-gun city in the United States. You’ll see people open carrying freely and most every business prominently displays pro-Second Amendment messaging. Oh, and not coincidentally, murders in Cody for the years 2002 through 2011 (last reported dates) were measured at zero. Yes, that’s zero each and every year.

The Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Photo: Sean Campbell

The Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Photo: Sean Campbell

B. Winchester motorcyles look a lot like Harley Davidson motorcycles, but historians have found no evidence that notorious biker gangs like the Warlocks, Hell’s Angels, or Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club (founded 1942 in Los Angeles–really!) ever adopted the Winchester bike as club standard equipment.

C. The finest and most protein-enhanced breakfast on the planet can be found at Our Place Home Cookin’ restaurant in Cody, Wyoming.

D. Perhaps the most extensive and impressive firearms display in the United States can be found just about six blocks from the Silver Dollar Bar in downtown Cody, Wyoming.

If you guessed “all of the above” you are correct!

At the recent Shooting Industry Masters event, attendees were invited to a welcome reception at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. This amazing museum is an overflowing buffet of artifacts, guns, and stories that helped shape the American West.

Read the rest at OutdoorHub.com!

A Brief History of Guns: The Smokepole Years…

Continuing on with an excerpt from our new book, The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition


American pioneers have great success with long, rifled-barrel flintlocks known as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky rifles. Meddling politicians influenced the design of the California Rifle around this time, but adoption was limited due to the fact that it had no barrel, stock or bullets. As guaranteed 30 minute wild game delivery required great accuracy, early riflemen developed skills with their long rifles.

1858 Remington Bison

This reproduction 1858 Remington Bison is an example of a percussion cap revolver. And proof that size matters!

Also during the 1700’s, flintlock pistols replaced swords as the personal defense weapon of choice. In fact, flintlock pistol sets were commonly used for dueling. Dueling was a practice where stubborn men shot at each other from close range in order to settle arguments like “tastes great” vs. “less filling.” Dueling fell out of vogue in the 19th century when astute practitioners figured out that it really, really hurt to get shot.


Scottish Clergyman and international arms dealer Reverend John Forsyth develops the percussion cap. In addition to providing a fine beat to marching bands worldwide, Forsyth’s invention allowed for more reliable ignition of firearm charges. The percussion cap was a small metallic cup, treated with mercuric fulminate – a highly explosive compound that ignites with sharp pressure. With the advent of the percussion caps, guns could be reliably stored in a ready-to-fire condition.


Samuel Colt receives a patent for his revolver design. Horses celebrate as cowboys no longer have to carry the weight of 6 separate single shot flintlock pistols. The Colt design features a revolving cylinder that holds 5 or 6 bullets. Revolvers capable of holding more than one cartridge are immediately banned in New York City. As a result, times are tough for the fledgling Colt company and doors are shut in 1841.


In a corporate resurgence, Samuel Colt teams with Captain Samuel Walker Texas Ranger and introduces the most powerful handgun of the day, after Dirty Harry’s .44 Magnum of course. Not wanting to cross Clint Eastwood, the two Samuels abandon plans to name their creation “The Most Powerful Handgun in the World” and call their revolver the Colt Walker. It remained the second most powerful handgun in the world until the introduction of the .357 Magnum 90 years later, at which point Clint Eastwood had shifted focus to making touching romantic films.

1840 − 1870

Up until this time, nearly all guns were “muzzle loaders.” This means that powder and projectiles had to be dumped into the muzzle (front end) of the gun, then stomped like wine grapes down into the barrel. Efforts to stomp powder charges and lead bullets down dirty rifle barrels with bare feet greatly slowed down many important battles. While the invention of the percussion cap made a big difference, things were still slow and cumbersome.

Politicians often had great influence over government arms development.

Politicians often had great influence over government arms development.

Starting in 1840, with the invention of the pin-fire cartridge, guns made the leap from muzzle-loading to breech (back of the barrel) loading. With a self-contained cartridge, shooters could load rifles and revolvers from the back in one smooth motion. No longer did folks have to worry about three separate components – powder, projectile and percussion cap – for each shot.

During this era, Colt held the patent for the revolving cylinder concept, which is still the basis for modern revolver designs. However, it was another partnership between Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson that increased popularity of the self-contained cartridge for revolvers. Smith & Wesson obtained a patent for their design and enjoyed a virtual monopoly on cartridge revolvers until 1869.

As a side note, Horace and Daniel dabbled with a lever-action pistol design, but soon scuttled the idea and sold the rights to Oliver Winchester, a shirt manufacturer. Having had his clock cleaned by low-cost clothing firm, Men’s Wearhouse, Winchester decided to give firearms manufacture a go.


Overjoyed at scoring two suits for the price of one from Men’s Wearhouse, Oliver Winchester releases a series of repeating, lever-action rifles including models 1866, 1873, 1876 and 1886.


Colt begins shipment of its famous Single-Action Army Revolver 1873. Production actually began in 1872, but seeing as Federal Express had not yet been invented, Colt was forced to rely on the Pony Express to fill its distribution channel. This slowed down retail availability considerably. Dubbed The Peacemaker, the Colt Single-Action Army Revolver was featured in many great western movies. And many not very great western movies.

Actor Roger Moore is issued a Colt Single-Action Army Revolver for the upcoming James Bond movies, From Carson City With Love and Gold Rush Finger. Movie production is placed on indefinite hold when Moore fails to come up with a believable cowboy accent. Production assistants also blame the fact that Moore had difficulty walking in chaps without debilitating chafing.


The French Lebel bolt-action rifle is placed into military service. The 8mm Lebel ushered in a new era of military history in that the French actually fielded a weapon. Oh, and the Lebel was the first military rifle to use smokeless powder. Up until this point, battles were often called on account of smoke as opponents could not see each other, or the scoreboard, through the voluminous clouds of black smoke created by gun powder. The advent of smokeless powder allowed battles to proceed in a more orderly fashion. A side benefit of smokeless powder was the ability to propel bullets faster than ever – allowing for longer range and more accurate shooting.

1889 − 1896

Revolvers were here to stay. During this period, both Colt and Smith & Wesson introduced early versions of modern double-action revolvers. The two most important developments were a swing-out cylinder which allowed for easy ejection of spent cartridge cases and load of fresh ones and true double-action operation which allowed shooters to operate the handgun by simply pulling the trigger.


Speaking of swingers, British secret agent James Bond is born in this century.

Stay tuned for the the next phase in firearm history…

The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition is available on Amazon.com now!

The Rookie's Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition from Insanely Practical Guides

The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition from Insanely Practical Guides

The Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting: Bleeding All Over the Range

Crossed thumbs shooting grip

This grip technique may cause you to bleed all over the shooting range. Not recommended.

This week’s Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting Tip involves keeping (most) of your body parts attached.

Specifically, we’re talking about your thumbs. You see, opposable thumbs are one of the things that give us humans a real advantage over the rest of the animal kingdom when it comes to important things like opening Pringle’s cans and getting those straws into juice boxes without making a big mess.

Dan Akroyd Julia Child SNL

Don’t do this! Image: NBC / Saturday Night Live

Admittedly, the odds of actually slicing off one or more thumbs is fairly low, but the wrong thumb position may cause you to bleed all over the shooting range. We don’t recommend it. I can share this new-shooter tip from a vantage point of, ummm, let’s call it personal experience.

Remember Ghostbusters? And how it’s really bad to cross the streams of the Proton Pack particle accelerators? Well there’s a similar rule of thumb (pun fully intended) for shooting semi-automatic pistols. Don’t cross your thumbs as in the picture. Sooner or later, that thing called a slide is going zoom backwards at Warp 17 and slice the dickens out of the webby, sensitive skin between your thumb and your index finger. Again, trust me, I know this from experience. And as a side note, the bottom of the slide on a Series 1 Colt Woodsman is really, really sharp. Just as a disclaimer, this happened a really long time ago – back when I thought I did not need any instruction on how to properly shoot a pistol. Don’t worry, I’ve learned many things the hard way since then.

Read the rest at OutdoorHub.com!

New Book: The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition

If you’re thinking about buying a gun, are new to shooting, or have had a gun forever but just want a refresher, this book is for you. Heck, even if you know a lot about guns, it’s still entertaining – to read yourself or give to a friend.

The Rookie's Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition from Insanely Practical Guides

The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition from Insanely Practical Guides

In light-hearted style, it will give you easy-to-understand and insanely practical tips about topics including:

  • Types of guns
  • Gun safety tips
  • Things to consider when choosing a gun
  • How to buy a gun
  • How to handle a gun
  • Getting started: A fistful of shooting tips
  • What to expect at the shooting range and what to bring
  • What you need to know about ammunition
  • How to clean your gun
  • Cheat sheet resources to help you find training, ranges and local gun stores

We’ll help you make sense out of all that complicated gun stuff while having a laugh or two. From the chapter “Gun Holsters – Do It Right!”

“Far too many new gun owners purchase a really nice gun, but then skimp on the quality of their holster. Seriously? You wouldn’t drink a Louis Roederer, 1990 Cristal Brut from a red Solo cup. Unless of course you’re attending a Real Housewives of Yulee, FL baby shower. If you’ve been invited to carry the Dubai First Royale MasterCard, you certainly wouldn’t whip it out at the Monte Carlo Van Cleef & Arpels from a velcro wallet. Unless you’re total nouveau riche like Justin Bieber. So why do people think it’s no big deal to buy a $9.95 holster from K-Mart for their brand new gun? It’s not like it’s a life and death investment. Or is it?”

Why do you need “The Rookie’s Guide To Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition?” Go to any shooting range and observe what happens when folks show up without knowing the first thing about their new gun. Not only will you be safe by comparison, you’ll look like a seasoned pro.

The editors at MyGunCulture.com have painstakingly documented all the experiences, mistakes and learnings we’ve seen over the years. In other words, we’ve tried just about everything. We’ve had great successes. We’ve experienced colossal failures. We’ve listened to so many gun show huckster sales pitches that the late Billy Mays would be impressed. And the result? “The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition.”

Loaded with pictures and the comedic illustrations, this book will tell you just about everything you need to know to get started with the shooting sports.



Gun Word of the Day: Field Strip

Field Strip [feeld] [strip]

– noun-verb-ish

Gun Word Of The Day

Gun Word Of The Day

1. To clear out or empty; to deprive of clothing; make bare or naked. Derived from middle english terminology meaning to rob or plunder.

2. A rhythmic dance ritual, popularized at Woodstock in August, 1969.

3. Field stripping simply refers to taking your gun partially apart in order to clean it.

Manufacturers design guns so that some of the major assemblies come apart fairly easily in order to make the gun easy to clean and lubricate.

After all, it’s important that a gun be easy to disassemble and reassemble. If it’s hard to put back together after a simple cleaning, then there’s a chance it won’t work right. And manufacturers certainly don’t want to hear about someone’s gun not working right when they really, really needed it. So a simple field stripping procedure is in everyone’s best interest. Certainly yours!

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