10 Things More Socially Acceptable On Twitter Than Gun Owners

Amanda Bynes on Twitter

My work day started with an inbox full of invitations to advertise on Twitter. The apparently hoplophobic, time-sucking, Miley Cyrus worshipping social media giant targeted me as a deep-pocketed Donny Deutsch while I tossed and turned with nightmares over which coffee shops to patronize. The ironic thing is that Twitter doesn’t really want my business. […]

Gun Word of the Day: Dry Fire


Dry Fire [drahy] [fahyuhr] – verb-ish 1. The act of going through the complete sequence of events to fire a gun, but without use of ammunition. Dry fire is a practice technique where the gun is cocked, aimed at a safe practice target and backstop, and trigger pulled. The guns striker or hammer falls on an […]

Cool Products From The Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational Media Day

Colt Competition Rifle 1424

Some of the shooting industry’s leading vendors teamed up with Crimson Trace to sponsor the Midnight 3 Gun Invitational event in Bend, OR. While I can’t cover all the new products displayed here, a few stood out. During daylight hours when shooting was not deemed challenging enough, we had the opportunity to talk guns, gear […]

Now Available In Print: The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

Now available in print! The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters

“Holsters actually pre-date guns. Do you really think bands of wooly mammoth hunters carried spears and rocks in their hands? After all, they couldn’t invent important things like fire and Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts with their hands all full of weapons.” Let’s face it. Choosing the best way to carry a gun can be […]

The Cody Firearms Museum: More Guns Than You Can Shake A Gun At

The Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Photo: Sean Campbell

Which of the following statements are true? A. Cody, Wyoming is the most pro-gun city in the United States. You’ll see people open carrying freely and most every business prominently displays pro-Second Amendment messaging. Oh, and not coincidentally, murders in Cody for the years 2002 through 2011 (last reported dates) were measured at zero. Yes, […]

A Brief History of Guns: The Smokepole Years…

1858 Remington Bison

Continuing on with an excerpt from our new book, The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition… 1700’s American pioneers have great success with long, rifled-barrel flintlocks known as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky rifles. Meddling politicians influenced the design of the California Rifle around this time, but adoption was limited due to the fact […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting: Bleeding All Over the Range

Dan Akroyd Julia Child SNL

This week’s Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting Tip involves keeping (most) of your body parts attached. Specifically, we’re talking about your thumbs. You see, opposable thumbs are one of the things that give us humans a real advantage over the rest of the animal kingdom when it comes to important things like opening Pringle’s […]

New Book: The Rookie’s Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition

The Rookie's Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition from Insanely Practical Guides

If you’re thinking about buying a gun, are new to shooting, or have had a gun forever but just want a refresher, this book is for you. Heck, even if you know a lot about guns, it’s still entertaining – to read yourself or give to a friend. In light-hearted style, it will give you […]

Gun Word of the Day: Field Strip

Gun Word Of The Day

Field Strip [feeld] [strip] – noun-verb-ish 1. To clear out or empty; to deprive of clothing; make bare or naked. Derived from middle english terminology meaning to rob or plunder. 2. A rhythmic dance ritual, popularized at Woodstock in August, 1969. 3. Field stripping simply refers to taking your gun partially apart in order to clean […]